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Izzie is looking through what presumably are all her illegal test results. She smiles since they all seem to be positive, but is confused since we all know Dead now-Asshole Denny can't be wrong. Alex walks in and she dumps the papers in a desk drawer. The camera lingers deliberately, so I wonder if someone else is going to perhaps stumble across these later. Mere: "It's no wonder doctors spend so much time trying to keep the heart stable. To keep it slow, steady, regular..." She takes Alex's hand.

In the on-call room, Cristina is holding Hunt's hand, letting go only to turn the page as she reads.

Mere walks down the hall of her house towards the bedroom while her disembodied voice finishes, "To stop the heart from pounding out of your chest. From the dread of something terrible..." With this, Mere opens the door to her room to find it looking totally clean and ordinary. "...or the anticipation of something else entirely." She flops onto the bed and slides her hands under the pillow, and with some confusion pulls out a single red rose petal. Please, please, please let this not start some sort of "Derek is having an affair" B.S. I can't handle that between these two, especially when they've just gotten the tiniest bit tolerable again.

And as we see Addison tell Derek over the phone that she needs him, I will hand off this not-really-crossover-event off to DeAnn. I'll see you next week for some supposedly actual crossing over at Seattle Grace.

Jeez, the plots on this show can be trying. See what we mean with our Grey's Anatomy: Dramatic Malpractice gallery.

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