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Mere asks Cristina to pre-read the next of Ellis' diaries as it contains her affair with the Chief. Cristina thinks she means the Chief Resident, but Mere corrects that it's, "OUR Chief." Cristina pauses a moment and then confirms that Mere could go blind reading that and takes the journal. For a secret that Meredith has been hiding so carefully for so long, it was very easy for her to lay it out right there. Maturing, or lazy writing? You be the judge. I think the odds are 50-50.

"Or, it could indicate romance. Which is the biggest trouble of all." And Derek is the picture of romance (and subtlety!) as he pulls a ring box out of his pocket so that Mark has ample opportunity to notice what he's doing and ask about it. Derek shows that he does know his girlfriend pretty well when he tells Mark that he's ready to pop the question but that he has to wait for the right time and way to ask Mere since she spooks so easily. He concludes, "She's not ready. Do you thinks she's ready?" Mark doesn't know, but points out that if Derek doesn't know he might want to wait a bit. Hunt walks up to the two of them and he and Mark nod and peel off towards an exam room and walk in as Mark tells him to make it quick. After just a couple of seconds the door opens up again and as Mark zips up his pants he asks if he's good to go. Hunt tells him yes and warns, "Use it wisely," as he pats him on the back and leaves.

Lexie heads out to the ambulance bay to work with Mere for the day, and her big sister asks what's up with her and Mark. Lexie panics, denies it, stutters a lot, and demands to know why Mere would think something is up? And yet, rather than just saying, "Well, I guess I have my answer," Mere points out that Lex has been on his service for a week, and only raises an eyebrow when Lexie stutters that she's really interested in plastics. I guess it's the exchange -- people can hear through the exam room curtains now but they're back to not reading obvious body language. An ambulance pulls up with a man inside whose shoulder is mangled, and who is trying to calm his hysterical pregnant wife. She explains that she ran him over with the car and then in all the excitement, she faints.

Her name is Jen, and she berates her pregnant brain for making her so forgetful that she left the car in drive. Callie confirms that her husband Rob's shoulder is dislocated and has fractures that will require surgery, but Mark can come in and take care of the burns at the same time. Lexie notes quietly to the other docs that Jen's blood pressure is really high, while Jen and Rob joke and act generally cute with one another. Meredith and Derek walk out to the hall ostensibly to talk about Jen's blood pressure, but really it's an excuse for Derek to comment how cute this couple's kids will be and for Meredith to joke, "Yeah, not as cute as ours." Derek is shocked and Mere demands to know what's up with him (as if she wouldn't know that a comment like that would surprise her boyfriend) but he smiles happily.

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