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Bailey heads in to see the Chief and begins to babble as soon as she steps through the door, assuring him that after three days off (her only vacation ever taken other than her maternity leave) she knows she's behind and is ready to go. He assures her that it was fine and that he knows Jackson was a really hard case. She asserts that she doesn't want to work on a dying child but otherwise she's ready. Well golly gee, I wonder what kind of case she might get today? But that's not what the Chief wants to talk about. He tells her that he needs another attending in general surgery, so he's recommending to the board that she be promoted as soon as her residency ends in July. She's absolutely elated, and when he mentions that he thought she might be getting tired of appys she interrupts to assure him she wants to do nothing else. Her voice is cracking and she seems about to fall over, and it's nice to see her happy again. He reminds her that it's subject to board approval but he's not worried about it, and then he tells her that she's working with Dixon for the day. Bailey is finally silent and the Chief comments that she's got less to say now. She bites her lips together and he sends her out; she finally lets out a little snort and positively skips out of his office.

Cristina is explaining to a couple that they should avoid eye and physical contact, and make no disruptive noises when the doctor arrives. The man worriedly asks if she's okay and a good doctor, and Cristina assures them that she's an amazing surgeon and that she just wants them to be prepared. I assume that they must not be able to explain that she has Asperger's because I would think that if they could, they would. I imagine that it would be easier to explain all of these constraints if they were put in the context of her condition, so it seems to me that they probably can't do that. Dixon marches in with Bailey behind and the couple step aside to show... a little girl in the hospital bed. How utterly surprising! Bailey's face falls as she's told that the patient is a 9-year-old named Stacy, who has pulmonary hypertension and other bad things, which fade out as Bailey starts to look faint.

A couple is waiting at one of the stations but when Ryan walks up, the husband immediately cuts in to say, "Not him." Just as I start to worry that this is going to be another race issue, Alex walks up and the man dismisses him as well. The wife is a little nicer and explains that they'll wait when the Chief walks by, and the husband grabs him, saying, "We need to talk to a grown-up."He's not entirely wrong in his assessment of these doctors, though it's more an emotional issue than a physical one. Alex is offended and starts to cut them off but Richard is happy to help. The couple then begins to haltingly explain that their kids are now in college, so they decided to try something new from a magazine, and... "something slipped." The wife pulls out a magazine and shows the doctors an article entitled, 20 Techniques to Reignite Your Nights. She explains that they did #9, which causes all eyebrows belonging to the doctors to raise. Alex forces a straight face as Richard asks her to put on a gown but she corrects that her husband is actually the patient. Richard is a total professional and tells the man, Mr. Kramer, to have a seat but the man opts instead to stand. Alex snorts, Mr. Kramer lets his embarrassed gaze travel to the ceiling.

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