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The docs are taking Rob into his shoulder surgery, and Jen's a bit panicky at the idea. Her blood pressure is still too high, so Lexie is tasked with staying there and keeping her calm throughout. Rob dreamily slurs, "Cheeseburgers!" which Callie thinks means the pain medication is working, but he's able to clarify that Jen is calmest when she's eating cheeseburgers. That is a girl after my own heart. Maybe that's what I should do during especially exasperating episodes of this show!

Dixon is telling Stacy's worried parents all about her various problems, and Cristina quietly asks Bailey if she's okay. Bailey just tells her that if Stacy looks for one second like she's going to die, Bailey is bolting. As Dixon explains very technically what's going on, Bailey sees that Stacy is confused and goes over to explain what's happening in kid terms, explaining that they are going to fix the part of her heart that pumps blood to her lungs. Can I have someone come over and explain things to me in this manner each week? It would really help the technical aspect of these recaps, though I also am a fan of the Whatchhoosie Procedure. Bailey compliments Stacy on her socks, and Stacy wheezily explains that she's the best one on her team, which mom says is bragging but which dad says is the truth. Bailey's not above puffing out her chest a little as she answers, "You can't fight who you are, if you're the best, you're the best!" From anyone else, obnoxious but from Bailey, totally awesome. Stacy then asks when she can get back to playing soccer, which cuts right through to Bailey's heart and incapacitates her again.

Derek runs up to Cristina to ask her if she's told Mere anything about the ring, but she just groans that she doesn't want to talk about it. She does add, though, not to do anything big. When Derek reminds her that Mere built the house of candles, Cristina retorts that she did it because Derek likes grand gestures, not Meredith. I really cannot adequately express how glad I am that she and Mere aren't fighting any more. I feel a bit cheated that we didn't get to hear them work it out, but I'll gladly give it up since we get back at least one functional relationship this way.

Anyhoo, Mere comes up and after Derek leaves, she asks how the journal is going so far--is it gross and naked? Cristina tells her not yet and admits, "It's kind of... hot, actually." At Meredith's disgust she quickly amends that it's, "Chastely hot. All stolen glances and loaded exchanges." Mere thinks chaste is good, but Cristina zings her as she walks away, yelling that she'll tell Mere when they do it. Then comes one of the weirdest scenes I think I've ever seen in this show--weird because it's so out of character. A piano starts playing as Hunt comes up and the two of them walk down the hall together, glancing at each other and brushing hands. There's a lot of close-ups of her neck as she stares straight ahead and he glances over at her, and then the piano finishes up and they go their separate ways. Cristina is happy, but my friend and I said out loud to the TV, "What in the hell was that?" Not in the tone of the show whatsoever.

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