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Proving that no one in this hospital can make a decision without someone else's opinion and/or approval, Derek reports to Mark about the baby comment and concludes that Meredith is ready. Richard joins them and asks what's up, so Mark blurts out that Derek is proposing. Derek is peeved but the Chief lights up like a Christmas tree. Hunt shows up too and after Mark lets him in on the secret, Derek asks if he's going to tell everyone. Mark defends that Derek needs advice. He then asks Hunt if he has proposed to anyone, and Hunt just replies that he's not the type to ask. Let's all keep this in mind for a later date, shall we? Mere walks by the boys so they all start fake-hearty-laughing, which totally weirds her out. Derek then turns to Mark and orders him to keep quiet, accusing, "I thought I could trust you." Mark is all serious as he assures Derek that he can, and then he stares meaningfully after his best friend as he walks away.

While Mr. Kramer cools his... er, heels on a gurney, the interns are all gathered and making, "short end of the stick" jokes. Two tells them to stop laughing, "We're gonna get reamed!" which of course makes things worse. Alex comes up to admonish them but when he tells them, "Enough wisecracks," Two can't control his inner 12-year-old and blurts, "Cracks!" I would like to judge them more harshly but I know that I can't resist a crack joke myself and I'd probably be one of them right now. The Chief walks up and puts a stop to it, telling them that they can watch him act like a professional. He goes up to Mr. Kramer and very technically tells him basically that films showed something was suck, and that they're going to get it out. Mr. Kramer is incredibly relieved to hear it.

After all that big talk about how much the clinic sucks, Sadie can't even seem to stick a patient correctly. After hearing the woman yell, Izzie comes up and asks them if they hadn't all practiced this on each other? She has a very good point, but Sadie's ineptitude turns out to be to Izzie's advantage. Iz pulls up her sleeve and has Sadie try it once on her before she goes back to her poor patient, and then as nonchalantly as she can tells Sadie to run her results as well. With this little light bulb over her head, she makes an announcement that all the interns should see her before they run any tests.

Callie and Mark are working away on Rob and talking like no one else is in the room as she asks him if he's going to get back on the horse now that he's got a clean bill of health. Mark wouldn't use the word horse (that's a change for him, never known for his modesty) and admits that things have changed, and he's probably going to break up with Lexie. Callie is stunned but Mark doesn't have a chance to tell her why since Mere comes in at that moment. Making innocent conversation, she remarks on Jen's hypertension and comments that the surgery is more stressful on her than on Rob. So let's make it stressful on Rob! Alarms start wailing and things get tense, of course when Lexie is calling in to see how things are going. As Jen eats a cheeseburger, Lexie pretends she's hearing good news and then carefully reports that the surgery is taking a little longer than expected. Jen's BP immediately starts to rise so Lexie assures her that everything is okay, and that the doctors are just being thorough, which is good! It's still not great lying, but at least it's better than her horrible conversation with Meredith earlier. Jen's BP starts to drop, which pleases Lexie, but then she collapses into a violent seizure.

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