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All this excitement, and it's only now lunchtime. Everyone is gathered around reading 20 Techniques to Reignite Your Nights. Sadie is of course announcing how she is a fan of just about all of them, while Meredith muses that she'd try 15. George and Izzie immediately jump in to warn her against it, and then shrink back, embarrassed. I hope you like those two scenes with George, because that's all we get of him this week. Izzie saves herself by saying she'd try 16, which pleases Alex--he looks at his watch, and they both get up and hurry out of the cafeteria for some afternoon delight. Lexie calls after them that they should be careful, "You can get hurt! Badly, I've heard..." Everyone gawks a moment but then Cristina turns to Mere and asks if she knows who likes #12, then taps the journal knowingly. Mere scrunches up her nose in disgust as Cristina gets up to go. She passes Hunt and asks him saucily if he's on call. He is, and she tells him she is too as she plays with her hair. I offer up a short prayer of thanks that this was done with no sappy piano backing.

Dixon seems to still be in Stacy's room with her worried parents, but it must be later since Cristina had time to go eat, flirt, and read some more of Ellis' journal since last time. The parents are in quite a state at the thought of their daughter having to spend potentially the rest of her life in bed when Bailey happily runs in and announces that there's another way. She shows them a backpack with a portable pump that can disperse the medication, so that Stacy can play and have a normal life. As she is excitedly giving them the info and the parents ask questions, Dixon starts to twitch and tries to tell Bailey she would have liked to discuss this beforehand. No one listens to her though, and after asking a lot of questions, a mention of a program to learn how to use it, and Stacy asking for a prettier pack, everyone else erupts into craziness. Stacy's dad shakes Dixon's hand, which is bad, but then Mom gives her a big hug, and Dixon loses it. She screams and flees from the room.

Dixon is hyperventilating and unbuttoning her lab coat; when Bailey finds her she has the coat pulled tight around her protectively. Bailey asks what she can do, and even Dixon takes a moment out of her personal hell to be sassy and tells her that she could have observed protocol earlier and that she was going to say something but then everyone's emotions became too much. Bailey turns to leave her alone but Dixon cries that she needs pressure. "I need my nervous system suppressed. I need constant deep tight pressure across large areas of my body." Bailey is confused so Dixon shrieks, "I need you to hold me!" Confused, Bailey hugs her tightly from one side. Dixon comments, "You're a very tiny person. I need a bigger person." It's scary when Cristina is your bigger person, but in she walks and Bailey orders her to come over and join the hug. Cristina says she was thinking more along the lines of a shot of Thorazine, but Bailey just yells at her to come over, in that way that you know not to screw with her. Confused, Cristina starts hugging Dixon from the other side, so that they are essentially making a Dixon sandwich.

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