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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, they were in a plane crash. You know, in case you forgot. The only reason that I can guess as to why they'd have this long, sweeping, obvious "previously on" is because the new episodes feel like they have been aired kind of sporadically so far this season.

Mere's VO is the deep observation that sometimes things are out of your control. We then hear her inner monologue as she sits in the bathroom, trying to will Zola to pee in the potty. Mere starts singing a song and smiling but the voice in her head says that she's late for work and wants to die.

Cristina, meanwhile, wakes up to the snow outside her window and thinks to herself that she actually, physically can't move on account of being frozen. She also can't roll over because then she'd have to face Parker, who is snuggled up behind her, kissing her shoulder and asking her which spoon she likes to be. Cristina writes this recap for me by thinking to herself that she's not a spoon, she's a knife and she's going to stab him. Out loud, she tells him she wants to get some more sleep so that he'll cut out the canoodling. She's completely grossed out and thinks that she can't even face herself in the mirror.

A little while later she and Mere talk on the phone while each gets ready to leave for work, because despite the two-hour time difference they are conveniently on the exact same schedule. Mere rushes around her fancy new kitchen and I notice her fancy new fridge has a clear door -- do you really want to have your condiments and wine on display for everyone to see? Or do other people have more cinematic contents of their fridge than I do that would justify the clear-door concept? Mere is now a full-fledged harried working mother who burns fish sticks and whose daughter pees on her. As this is happening, she overhears Cristina saying hello to her super peppy neighbor. Cristina tells Mere unhappily that she is neighborly now. After they both do some more griping, Cristina declares that they have to buck up. Mere acts like Cristina just spoke in tongues so Cristina explains that the saying a Minnesota thing. I've been saying "buck up" for as long as I can remember and I've never been to Minnesota, so I'd say that's a TV Minnesota thing. Cristina explains to Mere that people in Minnesota are tough and friendly, but she stops mid-sentence when she gets outside and sees her car buried in snow which causes her to start moaning in a very un-Minnesota way.

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