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She then starts to lead the surgeons into the scrub room but pulls up when she sees April, who was supposed to be on Zola duty. April explains that her surgery went long and then goes into a very convoluted tale of the various people Zola was handed off to, including a nurse Meredith doesn't even know named Ted. Meredith's eyes are getting crazy with panic; fortunately April notices this and runs off to go find Zola. Meredith sends Smash after her to make sure that her daughter is found, and then leads Heather and Princess Kate into the scrub room.

Conveniently, it's also just the time that Cristina and Mr. Feeny are starting their surgery, and the screen is split yet again so we have double the view of cracked-open chests. Cristina and Feeny proceed gently, while Mere orders the interns to suction like their life depends on it while also not moving their hands even the tiniest bit since then the patient will bleed out. Meredith yells at Kate as she works, and Kate is as much a sad clown as she ever was with the mean doctors yelling at her. Smash rejoins them, reporting that Zola is the center of attention in the attendings' lounge where she is happily eating gummy worms. Mere starts to freak out about someone giving candy to her child but then realizes that she's got to actually focus on her work for the moment.

Cristina and Feeny talk as they work, and he says that if this surgery goes well he'll put her name first when they publish. They joke a bit but Cristina keeps reminding him that this could very well be his last surgery ever. He says that he's relieved he never had kids since they would have turned out just like her, and Cristina shoots back that she knows she's his dream come true. Suddenly serious, he agrees; she lets that sink in a moment before cracking another joke to escape the sudden sincerity.

While that's all very civilized, Mere's frantic surgery takes a turn for the worse and she realizes that someone moved their hand. After Mere yells at them, Heather admits in a tiny voice that she moved just a little, but she's shocked when Mere admits gruffly that it's okay and that it actually will help them locate the bleeder. With that, they all seem to realize she's not actually Medusa after all (even though she never acted that crazy after the first episode anyway). She then orders them to hold still totally for reals this time.

Feeny is feeling his oats, giving Cristina all sorts of advice while they work. He tells her not to be crass, even though her whole generation thinks they need to be crass so that everyone will realize how tough they are. He advises her that other women already fought the fight so she could be there doing this work, so she should find something else to fight for instead. He also catches her holding her breath and warns her that when she stops breathing, she stops thinking, so she needs to remember to breathe.

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