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Derek walks into the kitchen and takes Zola and conveniently tells her and us that he's taking a train to go mumble mumble mumble something. I think maybe it's that he's teaching a class, or presenting a paper, or something, but he's so unexcited about it that he's lost all ability to enunciate. Mere grabs a fresh box of fish sticks as she tells him its multicultural day at daycare and she is Brazil. I'm not sure I would have gotten fish sticks out of that but hey, she is trying. Zola begins to cry as she leaves and Mere looks pained, but Derek comforts her and whisks her away as a guilty Meredith finally heads to her car.

Cristina's rescuer shows up in the form of Mr. Feeny in a black land yacht. When he honks for her, it sounds like the horn of a train. Cristina gets in and then sulks as old-timey jazz plays from the radio but when he hands over a box containing a Danish just for her, her cold, black heart melts a little. He then hands over a file and she positively lights up when she sees a scan of a massive aortic aneurysm. When she hears that this is their Case of the Day, she hug-attacks him and almost causes them to swerve off the road.

Her patient Katy, however, is less excited and more massively freaked out when she sees what's going on with her insides. No matter how much she hates being friendly, Cristina really has cultivated a better bedside manner here in Minnesota and she's understanding and calm as she explains that Katy will need two surgeries: one to repair the aneurysm and one to repair the defect that caused it so that it won't happen again. Her boyfriend Will is by her side and she says to him that they thought they were prepared for anything. He tells her soothingly that they are prepared for a nuclear holocaust; they should look at this as just a few days in the hospital. The doctors express mild curiosity at this talk of the end of the world and while Katy tells Will she doesn't want her doctors thinking they are insane, Will assures her it's okay and announces that they are "doomsday preppers." Cristina and Mr. Feeny do a surprisingly good job of keeping straight faces as Will explains that they aren't like those "Mayan nutjobs" but that they are prepared for real things like ozone depletion and global warming. And a nuclear holocaust, it seems. They met at a workshop on making bug-out bags. After I looked those up I realized that I have a couple of them -- one in my house and one in the car -- but that I simply call them "emergency kits" And they don't come from any crazier position than having grown up in earthquake country. I guess I do still qualify mildly as a nutjob, though, since I did buy a separate one for my cats. Anyhow... Katy tells the doctors they really should have one but Cristina smoothly cuts her off and tells her that the first surgery will be that afternoon after they do some scans. Just in case we weren't 100% convinced that they are kooks, Will turns to Katy and tells her that it's okay, because small doses of radiation prepare the body for ozone depletion.

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