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Split Personalities

In the time it took Cristina to call Feeny, get a ride to work, and meet with her patient, Mere is still driving to the hospital and the girls are on the phone once again. Cristina's giddy about her giant aneurysm but Mere can't share in her joy because she's jealous that Cristina has a new best friend. The thing is, whether she realizes it or not, she's only half joking. The screen splits so that we can see them both talking, reminding us of the golden days when they used to actually have conversations in the same room. As she drives, Mere comes across the aftermath of a car accident and while she tells Cristina it doesn't seem too bad, she jerks her Mercedes over to the side of the road to help out anyway, getting off the phone at the same time. When she runs over to the car she hears the bleeding driver worriedly tell someone that she thinks she hit a cyclist. Mere runs to the other side of the car and indeed finds a girl pinned under the car with one tire pressing into her neck. With her pretty face and her ghastly injuries, she looks just like Lexie did when pinned to the ground by the plane, and this doesn't go unnoticed by Mere's subconscious. The girl manages to say that her name is Melissa and Mere hollers for the bystanders to help her lift the car. Everyone is hesitant to do anything since the 911 operator told them not to move the victim until the paramedics arrive, but Meredith screams that Melissa's going to die before they get here and they should listen to her because she's a doctor. The crowd is still nervous, though, and they all just kind of gape at her as she grabs the car and angrily hollers at them for help.

Finally, one of the guys comes around and rallies the others to gather together and lift the car enough so that Mere and another man can pull Melissa out of the way. She's stopped breathing but her arm is still up in the air until she remembers that she's out cold and it should be on the ground so she slowly drops it. Mere's internal monologue begs Melissa to breathe and then gasps in relief when Melissa finally takes a choking breath.

Dr. Parker finds Cristina on her way to get a snack and with great fanfare offers her a fancy fistula surgery. She asks him some questions about it but she's less interested in the surgery than she is in choosing the right treat from the vending machine and finally declines the offer, informing him that she's already on a case with Feeny. He's aghast that she's turning him down after all of that morning's spooning but she just gets her snack and repeats that she's unavailable.

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