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Derek is entering the cyst-infested ventricle and we see the view inside on a screen that looks very much like they took it from the (totally awesome) movie Innerspace. He grabs a little floating egg-looking thing, which is one of the cysts, and deflates it and suctions whatever away, then manages to pull it out. He drops it into a petri dish that Mere is holding and she pokes it until a little yellowish-white worm wiggles out. Now, I can handle squirmy bugs like that when they are just outside in nature, but the idea of one inside me makes my skin literally start to crawl. For the rest of the evening after I first saw this I kept thinking I felt worms crawling all over my skin, which is something I don't really appreciate from my weekly television shows. Addison smiles at this first success, however, and Derek reminds himself that he just needs to do this one at a time.

Addie then sits down and announces that she needs to be distracted, so someone needs to talk about something else. Callie tells her that Mark is good at talking about himself, but clearly neither of the women was expecting Mark to launch into a description of a new surgical technique that he's using. Addie asks, appalled, what happened to him and Callie explains that he met someone.

Rob is standing next to Jen's hospital bed, eating what appears to be pudding. He explains to his wife that Callie said he needed to eat, and she tries to be supportive and asks how it is. When he says it's amazing, she bursts into tears, clearly not expecting such a positive response about hospital food. Rob begins to backtrack, apologizing and assuring her that it's really bland, which is (as most everything this couple has done) very cute. Normally I am annoyed and sick of all the cute from patients like this, but these two manage to make me continue to love them. Jen starts to yell that she needs her surgery now, and wonders, "What kind of hospital is this?" You don't really want to hear the answer to that, honey. Alex yells at her to stop, which makes her cry harder, and he firmly tells her that she needs to calm down for her blood pressure, or else she'll start contractions. He then does another ultrasound and pulls up a mildly creepy 3-D rendering of the baby, telling her that she needs to focus on her son's face so that she can hold on for a couple more hours. In his own weird way, he's very, very good.

During Bernard's surgery, they find a tumor and lament that he'll need more aggressive treatment. Cristina points out that he's going to have to tell Beth now, clearly rather unimpressed with the idea of coddling a grown woman like he's been doing. Hunt explains that her mom died when she was little, so Bernard always gave her everything she wanted and sheltered her. Healthy! Cristina points out that she'll find out eventually, so Hunt digs himself deeper by explaining that she would call him in tears if she ever found a spider in her apartment. Look, people, some spiders are really scary, okay? I may hate Beth, but in the spirit of being honest... well, I wouldn't be crying, but I can't promise I wouldn't make (or haven't made) that phone call. Call recipients, you know who you are. Cristina's not taking any of this and points out that Bernard will need chemo, and could need hospice care, and then what? "She'll find out when it's already over. She deserves more than that." It's totally what Hunt already did to Beth with their engagement, and seems to be doing to Cristina now -- not the best emerging pattern of behavior.

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