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Through a window we see Sadie slumped in a chair, talking with the Chief. Outside, George tells Mere that Sadie knows nothing and was a danger to the patients, so he told her that she could tell Richard or he would. He let Meredith know because she and Sadie are friends, but he says that for the life of him he doesn't know how or why that is. He leaves and Sadie storms out to Meredith, announcing that she quit -- she'd rather be a quitter than a cheater. So, in addition to her having an important father, she also managed to cheat her way in -- that's quite the double-whammy since usually just the father thing would do it. When Mere asks if she cheated, Sadie tries to smooth-talk her way out of it and says Mere knows that she isn't book smart. She admits that basically she thought that Mere could help see her through the program, and Mere takes it a lot better than I would. She reminds Sadie that they aren't 25, sleeping their way through Europe anymore. Sadie lights up at the memory and suggests that they hop on a plane and do just that. When Mere shuts her down, Sadie comments, disgusted, "They sucked the life right out of you." She starts to talk about the Meredith she used to know, but Mere jumps in to say that she's the same person, she just wants to be here now.

They've got Jen in surgery, and Lexie is ready with the doomsday sucker, which makes Derek giggle. She calls him on mocking her excitement, and he admits to it until he goes in and something is bad. He calls for the sucker immediately, and Lexie suctions out a massive quantity of blood. Fortunately, once it all pours out, they got what they needed and things are good. Derek even goes so far as to admit, "That will teach me never to mock an eager young intern again." I guess that means that Lexie made a difference somehow, even though I didn't entirely get that from the situation. But yay for Little Grey and her good sucking!

It appears to be dawn in Seattle, and the Santa Monica gang and Mark are celebrating in Joe's. Addie and Mark are talking about Derek's proposal like they haven't just had a good long time pass since Mark blurted out the news where in real life they would have already had this conversation. Regardless, when Mark asks if she's okay she admits that she is, and that seeing Archer in surgery changed her perspective. Mark needles her a little: "But you sort of wished it'd been you first." She yells at him to, "Shut it!" but come on, we totally know he hit the nail on the head. That would be the case for anyone. She then asks if he's going to tell Derek about Lexie, and adds that if they call Mere a 12-year-old, what is Lexie, a preschooler? Mark gets serious and says Lexie is a woman, and he's going to tell Derek. I'm still surprised, but pleasantly so that I'm kind of on board with this Lexie/Mark pairing as it grows. When Derek walks in, they all applaud him, and Addison hugs him and tells him he was a god. "You slew dragons, you walked on water, you... were a god." Enough, already! This is the last thing Derek needs, especially when he's been relatively tolerable lately. Fortunately, she tells him that now he has to go back in the box. They talk about Archer and Jen, and then the others all walk up and Naomi and Sam start to sing Derek's song for Addison. Mark even joins in, and it's still too awful to describe. Derek tries to stop them and looks really uncomfortable, but they take no notice and Addison even helps them remember the verses that they forgot. Derek steps in to correct one line that Addison had wrong and manages to joke with them, but still looks really unhappy about the trip down this particular memory lane. What great friends, to totally keep harping on a subject he's tried to shut down and to not pick up on any cues whatsoever that this is really unwelcome. Mercifully, the song ends and Derek is a good enough sport to clink Sam's glass, but maybe it's because he's as happy as we are that it's over. Everyone's relaxed and celebrating...

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