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Don't Let the Brain Bugs Bite

Back at the hospital, Addie tells Richard that Archer thinks he got the parasite by eating unwashed fruit in Mexico, which I learned is something I'd already know if I watched Private Practice. Then everything gets very medical. Archer is blahblahcartic, which is apparently odd, and Derek realizes it's because he's on some sort of drip. He orders him off, Addie freaks because if he then seizes he could have permanent brain damage, but Derek authoritatively replies that they all better hope that doesn't happen. Addison is understandably unhappy that they have to rely on hope but Derek points out that if they leave him on whatever he's on, he could go into cardiac arrest. It's all very complicated and medical, and gives Derek ample opportunity to put on his Serious Face and talk down to everyone. Mere tells us, "And while every patient's story starts the same way, how the story ends depends on us. On how well we diagnose and treat. We know the story hinges on us." Everyone in the room stares at the monitors until he flatlines, and Addie freaks out again. Derek doesn't wait for the crash cart, but basically punches Archer in the chest, and his eyes fly open.

The Chief has all of the million interns gathered in front of him, and Ryan comments excitedly that they heard that there's a patient with, "worms in his brain." Richard is unhappy when he asks and no one knows what the correct medical term is for that condition. He hands them off to Izzie with an annoyed air, and she chirps that they are going to play a game that day. Two acts like a game is beneath him, but Izzie continues overenthusiastically and hands them all envelopes that they are not to open yet. Graciella starts to open hers and Izzie yells at her to wait, asking if she knows how to play a simple game. I'd say the bigger problem is, do any of these interns know how to follow a simple directions -- which, if they did, they might have been able to further their own medical careers without operating on each other for practice? Graciella responds like a good TV character, and defensively says she did when she was 8. Yes, because in TV Land, adults never play games and also have lost all concept of how they work once they hit their teen years. Sheesh.

Richard then heads over to the rest of our residents, who are all holding Izzie-made envelopes of their own, and tells them he's giving them their assignments since Bailey is with Addison. Mere's surprised to learn that her one-time foe is in the hospital, so he mentions the worms in the brain and Mere can't believe that he's got [insert fancy medical name here], which Richard calls and points out to the departing interns. I find it strange that in the time since Derek got off the phone with Addie and then waited for them to get to the Santa Monica airport, board a flight, fly to Seattle, and then take an ambulance to the hospital, Derek didn't have a chance to tell Mere himself, but fortunately she doesn't seem to be making a big deal of it.

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