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Bailey walks up to Addie to announce that she cleared her schedule for her friend, and then exclaims that she likes Addison's new haircut. That makes one of us! Derek comes out and reports that Archer's eyes are open, but he doesn't think he's awake since he hasn't tried to kill Derek. He then explains to Bailey that Archer hates him, and Addison heaves a sigh and tries to insist he does not. Wow, four minutes in and we've already covered so many TV clich├ęs that it feels like junior high-schooler could have written these scenes. They bicker about Archer not just waiting until the divorce to pick sides, but doing it in the marriage, and then Derek makes a comment about how if Archer had his first seizure during sex with his girlfriend, why isn't she there? This is all so that Naomi can comment, "Oh, she is," and Derek can act surprised/appalled. It's TV Writing 101 around here today! Bailey and Addie leave so that Derek can do what he does so well and sound really condescending at another person's life choice. Naomi laughs about how she's not sure what's going on with them, and Derek then pointedly asks about Sam. It's pretty rich, coming from someone who has been through his own divorce that not everyone supported. And she essentially points that out, asking about Meredith. She then points out that here they are, both divorced and talking about his girlfriend, and then asks what happened and reminds Derek that he wrote Addison a song. She laments that they used to all think they all were going to last forever, wah wah. Is she always this annoying, or is it just for Grey's? She finally drops it and tells Derek he should call Sam, who misses him, but Derek seems to doubt this.

Callie is checking in on Rob and his mangled shoulder, and finds out he didn't sleep well. But it wasn't on account of his shoulder. Instead Jen explains that she kept him up all night, afraid that her aneurysm would burst and she would die. She sounds a little bit sheepish but really, it sounds perfectly reasonable to me. It's unfortunate, then, that Alex walks in to introduce himself and explains that Mere and Derek had an emergency and her surgery is going to be pushed back. Rob is pretty appalled at the idea, and Alex has to ask who he is since he wasn't in on their whole story last week. Jen explains again that she ran him over with the car before she knew she had an aneurysm, and Callie gives Alex a look while Alex tries not to smile at the absurdity of the situation. Jen pleads to have her surgery ASAP while staying totally polite and utterly charming and cute. Callie pulls Alex aside to ask about the emergency and is stunned to hear that Addison is in the hospital.

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