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Don't Let the Brain Bugs Bite

We finally meet the girl who can send Hunt into an emotional tailspin -- her name is Beth and her father is Bernard from Lost! I guess he figured out some way off the island too. She's worried because he passed out while they were eating dinner, and he assures her heartily that he's fine. He then assures her that she should go to work (she's a 2nd grade teacher) and she wishes "Daddy" goodbye while Cristina shoots her a disgusted look. Between that, her profession and her little pink cardigan, she really is extra cutesy in a very annoying way. She leaves, and as soon as she's out the door Bernard drops his smile and tells the doctors he has colorectal cancer for which he's had polyps removed and radiation, and that Beth doesn't know and he wants to keep it that way. That's a healthy family dynamic right there. Richard says that Cristina will do a CT and asks where he's been treated, which Hunt answers as he walks through the door. If looks could kill, Hunt would be nothing but dust right now. He sheepishly stutters that he works here now, and saw that Bernard was in ... Bernard cuts him off to finish that he waited until Beth was gone to show his face. "That's just like you to face up to things like a man." Hunt just tells Bernard that Beth deserves to know about his cancer, but Bernard growls that Hunt lost any right to tell him what to do when he broke off his and Beth's engagement with a two-line email. If Cristina's eyebrows were raised any higher, they'd recede into her hairline.

Naomi, who should never sing, is singing a cheesy song not worth transcribing to Archer, while Addie, embarrassed, tries to get her to shut up in front of Mere. Ah, this must be the famous song that Derek wrote for his former love. Mark comes in and happily greets them, taking credit for writing the line that rhymed "gross anatomy class" with "Addison's fine ass." He then sees Mere and calls, "My bad," but she assures him its fine, and that it sounds like a fine song. The subject turns to Archer's surgery, which he's still not sold on having though Addison insists he is doing it. Archer doesn't like surgery, especially brain surgery. Really? Because I thought it sounded like a day at Disneyland. Talk about stupid lines. I guess he's a neurologist, and Mark comments that he's probably seen patients post-brain surgery with scrambled eggs for brains. Addie tries to shut him up since they are trying to talk Archer into it, but Derek walks in and announces that surgery "is not an option." Derek explains that Archer has eight cysts in his brain, and Derek can't get through all of them without rupturing one. Addison plays dumb and asks what this means, and Archer tells her, "You're in a room full of doctor's Addison. We're all being very quiet right now. I'm going to die. That's what it means." She starts to crumble and a dramatic musical crescendo takes us to a commercial.

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