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Mere finds Cristina and fills her in that Archer is probably going to die, and Cristina speaks a great universal truth when she points out, "Worms in the brain. Not how you want to go!" Mere then expresses surprise that Addie even has a brother, which she thinks Derek might have mentioned. And why he'd bother telling his girlfriend about his ex-wife's family, who knows, but doesn't this sound like there's more tension between the couple? She also brings up the fact that he used to play the guitar, so Cristina counters that Hunt's ex-fiancée, whom he never mentioned to Cristina, is in the hospital, which I think trumps the guitar playing. Mere asks what's wrong with her and Cristina answers, "Well, she calls her dad 'Daddy.'" That's funny and I even call my dad, "Daddy," though I like to think I don't sound quite so saccharine as Beth does when I do it. Mere corrects to ask why she's in the hospital, and Cristina tells her that "Daddy" is the patient.

Lexie runs up to Mark and reads from the card in her hand that she's to find him and ask him his symptoms, and if she diagnoses him correctly she can move on. He tells her he's a little flushed with a rapid heart rate, and below the belt... but she cuts him off to remind him that there will be no dirty secret flirting. If he goes public with their relationship, then she'll do public flirting... she completely melts and loses her train of thought, then snaps back to ask his symptoms. I never thought I'd say this, but there is some real chemistry between these two. As he gives her his "actual" symptoms, Sadie moseys forward so that she can hear Lexie yell, "anaphylactic shock!" George totally catches her and calls her on the cheating, and gives new symptoms to Mark, which makes Sadie pout and look even more unpleasant than usual.

Hunt finds Cristina and without preamble says she must have questions, so ask away. She asks medical questions about the patient and when Hunt tries to get her on the right topic, which she clearly does not want to discuss, Ryan runs up and asks her symptoms. Hunt yells that it's not a good time but Cristina reads blandly off a card a list of symptoms for testicular cancer. She then walks off to go get Bernard's test results when Beth walks up, declaring she was useless at work, but she then goes silent when she sees Hunt. There's a whole lot of staring, and she sounds like she's about thirteen as she squeaks, "Owen? I don't understand ..." He mumbles that he works here, and she asks what he means and when he got back. She also just saw his mom, who clearly doesn't know he's back. She tearily tells him that she's been praying for him to live through Iraq and just when I think she's about to rip him a new one for lying, she throws herself at him and hugs him, happy he's home. He gives Cristina a pleading look, then pulls Beth's arms off of him and walks away.

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