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Don't Let the Brain Bugs Bite

Addison has gone to the chapel, where she is sitting by herself while Bailey, Naomi, Richard and Sam gawk in the doorway. Richard thinks she's praying but Sam dismissively answers, "Addie doesn't pray." Callie then walks up and when Naomi reports that Addison is praying, Callie snorts, "Addison doesn't pray." And, ha ha, I get it, everyone knows Addison ... but I just didn't find that funny so much as kind of offensive. I mean, her brother has worms in his brain. Let the woman try to pray, already. Addison can hear them talking and yells at them that she is in fact trying to pray, "But I don't know how to pray because I'm a WASP and we only go to church on Christmas." See? Worms in the brain bring out the (attempted) prayer in people. Callie dismisses the others, saying she's got this, and goes and sits next to Addison. I'm still totally loving Callie's bangs, by the way. Addison moans that she's sure God doesn't even know who she is, which is really unfortunate since she needs help. Rather than answer, Callie kneels and prays out loud to show her friend how it's done. She isn't praying about Archer, but rather about her kiss with Arizona. Addison is excited to hear that she kissed a peds (I know that looks like "peds" as in "the tiny invisible socks" but since all anyone ever says is "peeds" instead of "pediatrics" I'm just using it, and using it as the most logical shortened spelling, so my apologies if there's any confusion) surgeon and then raises an eyebrow when she learns through the prayer that said surgeon is another woman, but seems to just go with it. Callie's problem with Arizona is that she's perky and has butterflies on her scrub kit. Her prayer is, "So... help me get over the butterflies? Amen." Oh, so, you see what she did there? Because there's the actual butterflies, and then there's the stomach butterflies... har har... lame. But she redeems herself when she then turns to Addison and informs her, "You're an amazing doctor, you save babies. God knows who you are." Addie asks her if she really believes in God, and Callie admits that she does, most of the time. "When it counts."

Derek is staring at a scan of Archer's brain with eight little bright spots in it. Sam comes in and announces, "Your wife's in the chapel, praying." Good God, you guys, how much ruder could you be about not letting Derek and Addie's relationship just be over? Especially since you yourselves are divorced? Derek informs Sam that she isn't his wife and she doesn't pray (heh) but gets up and happily hugs his friend. He asks Sam how he is and Sam admits to a midlife crisis that resulted in him getting his ear pierced for a day until he realized how dumb that was. He then tells Derek that he met Mere, and gives his buddy a friendly, "way to go" punch in the shoulder. Derek tells him kindly but firmly, "She's not a midlife crisis. She's the real thing." Look at him, acting mature and standing up for his girlfriend. If he could just cut out the condescending bullshit when he's talking to her, he'd be in the ballpark of the McDreamy of yore. Sam says he's happy for Derek, and seems to mean it and doesn't again bring up anything more about him and Addison, so for now he's better-mannered than Naomi. They apologize to each other for not calling, admit they've all changed, etc. but Sam comes back to Addison and the praying. Derek admits, "She's expecting a miracle," but he can't do it for her. He tells Sam about the 8 cysts, and Sam suggests that maybe he's too close to the situation, and offers another idea -- how would he take care of just one? Derek begins to explain it.

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