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Archer appears to have risen to the challenge, because he's in the OR while Naomi and Bailey watch from the observation deck. Sam joins them and notices that Bailey is filling out a peds surgery fellowship, which she comments is crazy since she's nearly done with general surgery. Sam thinks it's surprising and tells her she doesn't seem like a peds person, which clearly he has picked up from the meaningful five minutes they've spent together thus far. His reasoning is that she doesn't smile, which is something peds surgeons tend to do. Bailey, unsmiling, asserts that while she's not smiling now, she does smile other times. Mark then joins in and, when he sees the paperwork, gives a surprised, "Huh," which causes Sam to snort. Bailey tells the two that she's got a child, she's great with kids, and she's going to be excellent, which, duh, all of us already know. Sam teases that she'll have to keep her temper in check around the kids. He does not know what kind of whoop-ass she can unleash on him if this keeps up. Mark then comments on how weird it is to see "Archie" on the operating table, and Sam takes a puff of his inhaler, which is low. Bailey takes it from him and orders yet another previously unseen doctor to go refill it for him. "It's good practice. Asthma's big with the kids." Callie walks in past them and goes to stand with Addie, who is leaning against the window, begging Derek to say his line. After Derek looks up at her, he tells his staff, "Okay everybody, beautiful day to save lives," and Addie smiles, knowing that this god is now at work. Oh, give me a break.

Hunt has gone back to try and talk to Bernard, and says that they are going to have to tell Beth about his condition. Bernard pointedly reminds Hunt how she gets worried when a student has the sniffles, and that she can't handle bad news. "She's a sunshine girl. And you used to know that about her." Man, she sounds horrible -- I like to be optimistic and a nice person but if I ever get this wide-eyed, stupid and whiny, shoot me. Hunt ignores the barb and points out that she'll find out eventually, to which Bernard responds by starting to cough up an alarming amount of blood. Hunt yells for Cristina, who has been talking to Beth, and the latter is understandably freaked out to see her dad's condition. Hunt tells her that there's a complication and Bernard needs surgery, but when Beth asks what the complications are from, Hunt ignores the pointed stare he's getting from Cristina and just says that Bernard will be okay and they'll keep Beth updated.

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