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Begin The Begin
st stands there all, "Uh oh," but goes to make the call anyway. Burke answers on the other end, "Talk to me, Bailey," and Cristina says it's her. Burke says he can't talk; he's waiting on a call from Bailey. See what they did there? Cristina has to confess that she's in Idaho, in the operating room, with Bailey, on her time off. Webber walks over and asks Burke what's going on, and Burke fakes, "Hello, Dr. Webber! Tell me what's happening with Danny's heart, DOCTOR BAILEY." Burke. You're not on speakerphone. He can't actually see Cristina. Hot geniuses, I swear.

Izzie monitors Danny, who's sleeping. Burke calls her out into the hallway to tell her what is obviously bad news. Tiny scene!

Webber tells Meredith that the treatment he wants for her mother won't cure her, but it will give her more good days. He reminds her that McDreamy checked her out as a favor to him, not because of anything else, and he urges her to consider. Meredith looks pensive, and also less tired than we've seen her in weeks. Guess those few hours off really worked!

Mauer is speaking in normal sentences now, and tells Alex what a failure he is. He says it's time for a Plan B, he reckons. "Perhaps I shall play the cello." Hee. Alex tells Mauer that they all have setbacks: he's a doctor, and Mauer is a writer. They don't get a Plan B. Webber checks in, and Alex says he's given Mauer a drug which will absorb the mercury over the next several days. Webber congratulates Alex on a job well done, and Alex gloats a little bit. Ah, he deserves it.

On the way back from Idaho, Bailey busts Cristina staring at her belly again. "Yang." Cristina starts babbling about how the 80-hour work week sucks. Bailey doesn't buy that this is what is actually on Cristina's mind. "I thought about it. Not keeping it." Aw, Bailey. She says she and her husband tried for years, but still, when that stick turned blue -- well, you can't work the way they work, or want the kind of careers they want, and not take pause. "I took pause." Cristina: "You paused?" Bailey: "I paused." Bailey goes on to say that she sat up one night, middle of the night, and she knew she could do this, even though she still doesn't know how. "You just have to know. And when you don't know? No one can fault you for it. You do what you can, when you can, while you can. When you can't, you can't." Cristina looks as close to tears as we'll probably ever see her, and Chandra Wilson needs to have every award they've ever given anyone on TV ever. Which reminds me, how awesome was Sandra Oh winning that Golden Globe? Very.

Izzie's in Danny's room, waiting for him to wake up. He does, and grins, "You're stalking me. You're a stalker." Izzie: "Can you blame me?" Danny knows it's bad, which Izzie confirms. She lies that he has time, and he calls her on it. Izzie: "Fine. There's no time." Danny says that's just spiteful. They're both sad that he didn't get the heart, and we go to commercial.

Bex's room. George is sitting on her bed, and she tells him thanks for making them tell her. She asks him if she has to be a boy now. George says no, she doesn't. Bex: "But I can if I want to?" George says yes, but only if she wants. Bex looks at George for a long moment, then asks him to bring her some scissors. Teeeeeeears.

MereVO starts up: "Who gets to determine when the old ends and the new begins?" She stops McDreamy in the hall and asks him to tell her about the program for her mom. MereVO: "It's not a day on a calendar. Not a birthday, not a new year." Izzie sees Danny to the door of the hospital, and they say goodbye. As he gets up and walks out, she looks back at him wistfully. Danny returns her gaze. Aw, Danny! MereVO: "It's an event. Big or small, something that changes us. Ideally, it gives us hope."

Bex holds up a mirror as George cuts her hair. Her mom walks in, and instead of making a scene, she walks stoically over to George and holds her hand out for the scissors. The awesome music, whatever it is, swells as she smiles down at her child and starts cutting. MereVO: "A new way of looking at the world."

McDreamy's trailer. Addison pulls up and finds him on the porch, having a beer. He announces that he's cooking the trout outside, and she thanks him. She sits down and sighs heavily. "There is a land called Passive-Aggressiva, and I am their queen." Perfect. McDreamy says that's all he's saying. She asks if she's just supposed to wait out this thing with Meredith until it passes. McDreamy says that'd be good. Addie: "I still hate the trailer." McDreamy: "As is your right." The trailer is Meredith, y'all!

MereVO: "Letting go of old habits, old memories." Cristina corners Burke right outside the hospital, and gets right to it: "I wasn't gonna have it. The baby. We barely knew each other, and I was an intern, and there was no way that we could have..." Burke stops her, looks at her kindly, and says he's not mad. "I just wanted to know. I want to know things." Cristina nearly falls down with relief. MereVO: "What's important is that we never stop believing we can have a new beginning."

Mere's bathroom. Izzie and George are sequestered inside, reading magazines and eating pizza, when they hear Mere yelling at the dog. "You don't eat laundry! Bad dog! Bad!" They start giggling, and Mere bursts inside with her chewed-up laundry. She throws it on the floor, then collapses next to them and grabs a slice of pizza. So now they all live in the bathroom, hate the dog, and we fade out.

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