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Begin The Begin
begun calling her "Addie." Do you want me to say it? Fine. It's because I love her, OKAY? God. I LOVE ADDISON, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?

Another tiny scene. Cristina and Bailey are on the plane to Idaho. Bailey is sleeping, and wakes up to find Cristina looking longingly at her abdomen. Bailey: "Yang? Why are you staring at my fat, pregnant belly?" Cristina looks away quickly, and says nothing. The end!

Intersex meeting. Bex's dad is in shock. "You're telling me that my daughter...that our daughter, our daughter...might actually be a boy?" Yes, that is what they are telling you. The parents don't understand, and start freaking out. Addison gently explains that Bex has female genitalia, and looks like a girl, but internally, she has both female and male sex organs. The good news is that her tumor is benign, so physically, Bex will be just fine. Emotionally and psychologically, not so much. Addison recommends therapy for all of them, as it won't be easy for Bex to hear, and will be a big adjustment for all of them to make. Bex's dad is like, "Adjustment? What adjustment?" George has to tell them that many intersex people begin to identify very strongly with one sex, and it's not necessarily the sex they've been raised as. Commence the parents freaking out some more about how Bex is a girl, she's always been a girl, and she will continue to be a girl, girl! George says this might help explain why Bex has always felt so different, and biologically and emotionally speaking, Bex has a choice to make.

On his way to surgery, Mauer gets weirder and weirder, and yappier and yappier. At one point, he begs God to send him a simile, which...ha. Alex asks Lauren if he's always been this way. Lauren says the more of his novel he ate, the weirder he got. Webber introduces himself to Mauer as the surgeon who'll be operating on him. In response, Mauer yells, "I poured my heart and soul into that freakin' book, and now it's stuck up my ass! Put that on my tombstone! My tombstone!"

Danny flirts with Izzie some more, and confesses he's nervous. Izzie tells him he should be excited -- he's getting a new heart, and Dr. Burke is awesome. Agreed. Burke walks in just then to tell Danny that he'll be conferring with Bailey long-distance in the OR, and if everything's a go, they'll start the procedure before she even gets back. Danny is fine with that, and looks over at Izzie. "Hey, Izzie. I'm getting a new heart." Izzie smiles huge. "You're getting a new heart." Get a room, y'all!

Bex's parents stop George and Addie in the hall to announce that they won't be telling Bex about her newly-found intersexedness. Oh, great idea! George says they can't not tell her, if this could help her. Addison stops George, says they'll go ahead with the surgery, then they can talk to Bex on their own time. Actually, Bex's parents think it would be an even better idea if Addison just went ahead and removed the errant testis while she's in there. Man. Addie rightly tells them that she will absolutely not perform sexual reassignment surgery on their daughter without her knowing, and they'll be hard-pressed to find a surgeon who will. Go Addie! When she walks off, George tells them that Bex will find out someday. "How do you want her to find out?" In the background, we see Bex at her room door, looking at them all with concern. Poor Bex.

Meanwhile, Meredith has gone to visit her mother with her time off, and a nurse tells her that all these visitors have really been cheering her up. Mere, clueless, is like, "Visitors?" Then she looks over and sees none other than McDreamy there, refilling his coffee, all laughing and chatty with everyone. Hi! Commercials.

Burke tells Danny that there's still no final word on his heart, but they're going to get him the healthiest one they can find. Danny is only concerned about whether Izzie will be in the OR with him. Izzie looks over at Burke, who nods. She's in. Danny is happy. Seriously, you two. Room. Get.

In the observation room, Mere tells George that during her time off, she did five loads of laundry, cut her split ends, studied, and cleaned out the fridge. "Free time sucks." George, in a beautiful segue, asks her when would have been the right time to hear about her boyfriend's wife. Mere: "Are you mad at me, or something?" Heh. George says it's just, he has a patient, and he gets that there's a right and wrong time to hear bad news, but wouldn't she rather hear sooner than later? "So she can move forward one way or the other. It's a fresh start, right?" Mere just stares at him as if, by cutting her split ends, she accidentally lobotomized herself.

Mauer's surgery. Alex tells Webber that he'd like to keep an eye on the funny little writer for a while post-op, as he was acting pretty strange. Webber: "He ate a novel. He is pretty strange." He extracts the nasty, giant mass of paper and asks if anyone wants to read it. Ew. Webber says Mauer might need a Plan B, and Alex says he's not the only one. Webber tells him they should just wait and see, because right now, he's still here, and still a doctor. Aw.

George is in Bex's room, and Bex would like to know if she's going to die, because everyone is acting really weird around her. George says of course not. Bex just wants to know what's going on. George tries to be cool, and tells her that what's going on is that they're prepping her for surgery, nothing more, nope, that's it. Addison and Bex's parents walk in, and Bex tells her parents that she's really freaking out. They say everything's going to be fine. Bex: "I'm having surgery to remove a tumor that's compressing my ovary. Right, George?" George can't do it. He looks at Addison. "What, am I just supposed to lie to her?" Addie says that's enough, and asks George to leave the room. Bex begs George to stop, and tell her what's wrong with her. Oh, Bex. Her dad finally steps up and tells her gently that they learned her tumor isn't compressing an ovary. Bex asks where it is, then. Bex's mom says haltingly, "It''s a testis." Addison tells Bex she knows this is a tremendous amount of information. Bex: "I have a testicle? And I've had it my whole life? Oh my God. Does this mean...I could be a boy?" Nobody says anything, but Bex knows, and a smile creeps across her face. "Yes." Tears, commercials, whatever I'm not crying.

When we return, Bex's parents yell at George for engineering that conversation and forcing their hand. George is unapologetic. Bex's mom screams that she's just a fourteen-year-old girl. George: "Maybe. Maybe not." Heh. Mama Bex is out of control. She says they've raised a little girl for fourteen years, and how are they supposed to go home and tell the other kids. She tells George he had no right. George looks at Addie. "I know. I'm off the case, right?" He walks off all stompy and upset, his hair flopping around violently. Hey, Georgie, maybe that haircut would cheer you up right about now, yeah?

Alex checks on Mauer and asks how he's doing, but Mauer is having a hard time getting his words out. "Much obliged, bararshk. Much obliged, arsurgh. Twenty hours, weeds whacked weeds whack. For two hundred." Wow. No wonder he ate his own novel.

McDreamy finds Webber to tell him that Ellis is the perfect candidate for this new clinical trial they're doing. Webber thanks McDreamy for checking her out. McDreamy wants Webber to tell Meredith that she'll have to sign off on it, because they have baggage. "With you, you're just trying to help out a friend." Except, not. Webber's all, "Right, right. I'll tell her. I have no history with Ellis Grey, none at all. What?"

Alex tells Webber how concerned he is about Mauer -- with all the symptoms he's exhibiting, along with having eaten his own novel, Alex thinks he might have mercury poisoning from the ink. Webber looks confused. And, tiny scene.

Idaho Heartland OR. Bailey tells Cristina to call Burke, because the heart she's looking at has fairly extensive damage from coronary artery disease. Cristina ju

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