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The Uncoupling
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Previously on Grey's Anatomy, I totally thought Sloan Sloan was lying about being pregnant in order to get Mark's sympathy, and it turns out I was totally wrong on that one. The Chief got drunk and nearly killed a dude in surgery, Mere covered it up for him, and Teddy is in love with Owen who's in love with Cristina. Welcome to 2010, dear readers! I hope your holidays were lovely.

"We assume the really serious changes in our lives happen slowly, over time. But it's not true. The big stuff happens in an instant." Probably not the instant we're seeing, though, which is Mere watching old surgery videos with the Chief, who is miming the actions on the screen.

Meredith accidentally wakes Derek up while she's getting ready for work -- she's going in early to get her stuff done so she can watch more videos that evening. Derek points out, not very happily, that they've been watching videos every night this week and pointedly says he thought last night was the last time. He sounds totally accusatory, as if Meredith is pouring booze down Richard's throat while they watch, even though Derek still doesn't really know what's going on with his former mentor. It turns out that the Chief never made it to their video date the night before, and Derek says he saw Richard sleeping in his office. Meredith makes some lame excuse that honestly really should by now have tipped Derek off to what is going on, but instead Derek remains in the dark, knowing something is wrong but not exactly what.

Lexie and Mark are lounging in bed being schmoopy and he asks her for a favor, which is to give Sloan an ultrasound. Lexie is less than thrilled at the prospect and wants someone else to do it, but Mark says Sloan likes her. Mark, saying it a bunch of times is never going to make it true, and you're old enough to know that even with your lack of parenting skills. Lexie climbs on top of him for some nookie, and that's just when Sloan waltzes in blabbing about them being out of something. She yelps and runs out, totally grossed out by what she's just seen. Mere VO's: "Becoming an adult, becoming a parent. Becoming a doctor. One minute you're not and the next, you are." I don't think this is a seminal "becoming a parent" moment for Mark, but he does run out and apologize. Lexie asks why he's sorry since Sloan didn't knock, but the Sloans ignore her and Sloan Sloan whines that they have no cereal. The girl is a complete brat and Mark clearly thinks parents shouldn't have spines and left his at the door, as he's become a complete pushover. He gives Sloan money for breakfast and when she whines and says she needs lunch money too he forks more over. He's actually helping Sloan take advantage of him by putting the words in her mouth about her needing the money, too. Lexie is unimpressed and goes to take a shower, but Sloan claims the bathroom for her inevitable morning vomit.

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