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The Uncoupling

Down in the OR, Cristina starts to panic that she can't find the bleeder. She sucks up her pride and tells Teddy she needs help, but Teddy just tells her to keep looking while she flips through her magazine. Everyone in the gallery is stunned that Teddy is truly not doing a single thing, even when Cristina finally admits to needing help. That alone means things must really be bad, because everyone knows Yang doesn't ask for help, ever.

Callie and Derek look at a scan of Tom's knee, and while Callie admits it looks bad she points out that it's been this bad for a long time and he should be fine playing through the pain. Derek, though, asks her about doing knee replacement surgery immediately. Callie's taken aback but Derek says that Tom needs to stop playing, and asks Callie to make it someone else other than Tom's decision. Play God much, Derek? I mean, I get it, but dude -- this seems a tad presumptuous, even for you.

Cristina is still panicking during her own surgery, while Teddy still leisurely leafs through her magazine. Cristina says that she doesn't know what to do and Teddy would, and while Teddy agrees she says that it's not her surgery, and merely tells Cristina she's overthinking. Cristina says she doesn't know which of her two options to choose.

Upstairs, a proud and happy Owen walks in to the gallery to watch but when he's told what's going on, he races downstairs and into the OR. Once there he demands to know what Teddy is (or isn't, as the case may be) doing. Teddy holds firm and when Owen says Cristina is too proud to ask for help, Teddy stuns him by answering that in fact Cristina did ask for help but Teddy isn't going to give it, because Cristina will get through the surgery just fine. Cristina, meanwhile, remembers her conversation with Ruthie earlier, and realizes she needs to choose a metaphorical pig or cow herself. When Owen keeps yelling at Teddy, Cristina hollers at him to get out as he's breaking her concentration. After he stalks out, Cristina chooses "pig" and dives back in to the surgery.

Derek and a not entirely happy Callie head to Tom's room, where they tell him he thinks he needs a knee replacement. Callie's not fully selling it as she tells him that if he doesn't have it now, he might lose the ability to walk, but Tom doesn't seem to notice, instead focusing on how this would in fact end his football career. Derek tells him assuredly, "Exactly." Fortunately for Derek and his God complex, Tom gets it but likes the idea and gives him a tiniest hint of a smile, while Derek looks back smugly and Callie appears that she might in fact hurl.

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