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The Uncoupling

Richard is once again showing Meredith surgery videos -- this time it's the moment her mother's genius first shone through. "She walked in that room a resident, and walked out a legend." Mere is less interested in the video and more worried about what is going on, but when she tells Richard that Derek was worried about him skipping out on surgery that day, Richard blithely brushes it off, calls Derek a good guy, and goes back to the video.

Mark is now explaining to Sloan while he called off the surgery, while Lexie listens from the foot of the bed. Sloane is much more worried about having a "gimpy kid" than about herself, and when Mark tells her to stop saying "gimp" she breaks down and cries that her kid has no dad and a stupid, slutty mom, so he is going to need feet. I'll give her that one, actually. She cries and begs Mark to let her have the surgery while he comforts her, saying she's not stupid or slutty. Well... I wouldn't go that far. He tells her that she came this far to get help from him and that is actually being a mom, and he won't let anything happen to her. From her spot where she's been quietly listening, Lexie tells them to go to LA and get the surgery, as a 95% chance at success isn't bad. Mark agrees, and Sloan happily gives him a big hug. Unfortunately, he's then carried on a wave of his new paternal feelings, and he tells Sloan she won't have to do this alone, and invites her and her infant to keep living with him Lexie, so they can be one big happy family raising the child. Lexie is absolutely gobsmacked as this was clearly a spur-of-the-moment decision, and glares at them both as Sloan accepts happily.

Knee replacement apparently demands awesome surgical spacesuits, and Reed and Alex are suited up behind Callie as she gets ready to start Tom's surgery. Reed asks if she can do anything to help and is totally disappointed that there's nothing to do, while Alex smirks and asks her if it wasn't worth the price she paid. Callie's still pretty touchy about the whole situation and shuts them right up, warning that this moment is about a talented athlete's career ending and not about their own budding careers. She then mutters to herself that she can't believe she's taking out Seattle's best quarterback, but Derek sagely tells her she's not: "He was out of the game a long time ago." He's really in fine high-and-mighty Derek form today, sheesh.

Teddy and Hunt have continued their argument now that Cristina's surgery is over, and Teddy defends herself, saying she would have stepped in and not let the patient get hurt. Hunt claims he knows but doesn't seem to mean it, so Teddy goes on, saying Cristina needs to be pushed or else she'll lose her mind. Hunt then finally gets down to what he really wants to know -- was there anything else going on with regards to her not helping Cristina. Teddy is confused but as he stares her down, she puts her head in her hand which seems to be the sign for, "It might not have been the worst thing if your girlfriend had failed, either."

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