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The Uncoupling

Derek finds Mere in the locker room getting ready to go home, and tells her that something is wrong with Richard but he can't figure out what, and guesses that he is scared to operate. Mere stays silent, and Derek asks her if it's that she doesn't know or she won't say what's wrong. He's being completely sanctimonious but also: dude Meredith, stop being an idiot and just tell him what's wrong.

Cristina, meanwhile, finds Hunt at the nurses' station and tells him excitedly about her surgery -- she's on a complete high and begs him not to say anything about what happened because she was so happy to be learning, likening it to having air in her lungs again. Hunt doesn't say anything about the surgery; he just tells Cristina that Teddy is leaving Seattle. Cristina is stunned into silence, and then turns on her heel and walks away.

Derek tries a different approach and says to Meredith that when he lost his nerve, the Chief helped him. Meredith gives him a Look and mumbles that it's nothing, so Derek finally calls her on it and says that if that's the case, she needs to look him in the eye. Honestly, did it have to take this long?

Alex walks in to his old room at Derek and Meredith's, which has apparently overnight turned back into the Home for Wayward Sexy Docs as Lexie is already there, lying on the bed with an open bottle of wine in her hand. She tells him she's moving in, which is also his plan as he's sick of living in the trailer. He tries to send her to Izzie's room but she's stubborn and drunk -- a potent combo -- and tells him to go instead. He takes the bottle from her hand and asks if she's shacking up with Mark, and she confirms that she's not anymore.

Derek is getting fed up with Meredith, and for once I don't blame him, and he growls at her about their post-it and lying. She meekly defends that she's not lying, and tries to sound tough as she tells him he doesn't need to know everything that's in her head, and that she has relationships that don't involve him. He just asks what she's doing. She's being an idiot, Derek, that's what she's doing.

Back at their house, Lexie laughs that she's too young to be a grandmother, and then admits that she doesn't even know anymore what people her age are doing. Jeez, Lexie, you guys weren't dating THAT long, and you do know other young people. She muses that she's supposed to be coming home from work and doing stupid crap, and that is all Alex needs -- he suggests, "I know something stupid you can do." They smile at each other, and after a moment kiss and fall back on the bed. He may be overly tanned, but as rebounds go she could do way worse.

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