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The Uncoupling

Reed joins a frighteningly orange Alex and laments that Tom only has a concussion and that she probably won't get in to surgery. Seriously, has Alex been applying a layer of tan for each day his annoying, crappy wife has been missing? He's closer to the same shade as a Spanish tile roof than of an actual human being. Anyhoo, Reed asks Alex if he wants to share a patient and when he asks why he would, she tells him that she loves a man with terracotta skin and would take him out for drinks, "And, you know..." With that she gives him a sly sexy look, and Alex agrees. Charles has been watching and after Alex leaves, runs up to Reed clutching his pearls to yell at her for being a prostitute who trades sex for surgery. Mere is down the hall watching the whole exchange, a bit troubled herself. Reed defends herself, saying she's just messing with Alex and they both know it, and she shoos Charles away. As she does, she sees Meredith watching her, and Meredith gives her a scary half-grin before Reed leaves.

Derek, meanwhile, has apparently decided not to obey his first (correct) instinct to stay out of Bailey's personal life, and instead brings over a guy named Stanton from radiology to give her Tom's CT films. Bailey pulls Derek aside to ask what he's doing and Derek tells her that he's sure she doesn't really want to spend holidays with him and Meredith; while Bailey agrees with that point she tries to tell him that she's too busy and has a patient in for a follow-up appointment. Derek grabs the chart from her and promises to take care of it while suggesting maybe she give Stanton a tour of the hospital while they look at the films. Poor Stanton seems like a nice guy, and it's very sweet when he suggests to Bailey that they look at the scan over lunch. Being new, he has no idea just how scary Bailey can be, but she is quick to tell him. She proceeds to inform him that she's in the middle of a divorce, and that "People call me 'The Nazi' and it's not because of my ice blue eyes." She goes on to say that she likes carving people up and has a child who used to be potty trained and now isn't because his dad is gone, and that she's confused because a lot of people have let her down lately, including herself. With that on the table she asks him if he really wants lunch or just to show her the scan, and he hastily pulls out the film on the spot.

Derek heads off to Bailey's patient, who turns out to be the patient who the Chief nearly killed in surgery a few weeks previously. Derek seems a little suspicious at someone having so many follow-ups for a generally simple procedure, and his suspicions grow as Sheldon, the patient, goes on and on about the level of care at the hospital. He then tells Derek about how he turned yellow, and pulls out a picture of himself looking like he was just dunked in a vat of iodine. Derek's bullshit meter is going crazy now.

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