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Blues For Sister Someone
. "I can't play, and that's a sacrifice I am unwilling to make." Cristina asks if he'd be willing to sacrifice his life for his music. Foote says they are one and the same. Aw, Eugene. I love a man who loves his music. I do not love hearing the exact same guitar riff one frillion times in one night of practice, but it's a small price to pay for being married to a man who leads the best drunken sing-alongs this side of the Mississippi. Uh, anyway. Burke tells Mr. Foote to let him try one more setting on the pacemaker before they do anything drastic. Eugene reluctantly agrees to this, but looks like he already knows how it's going to turn out.

Addie greets her patient, a hugely pregnant woman surrounded by her husband and about thirteen children. "Rose" reports to Addison that she's feeling large, and also cow-like. She tells her kids and husband that she needs a quiet talk with the doctor. The husband takes his brood off for ice cream, and Rose drops this bomb on Addie and Alex: she needs this baby to be her last, so she wants a tubal ligation that day during her C-section, and she really, really wants them not to tell her husband. Dramatic music plays as Addison gapes at Rose, and we finally get us some credits.

When we return, Addie informs Rose that her husband is not her legal guardian, so telling him would be entirely up to her. Rose says yes, but if her insurance is charged, he'll see it. She says she's got some money saved up to pay for it privately. Addie understands that Rose wants her to do the surgery and leave no record of it. Alex gets the wrong impression, and tells Rose that if she's being abused, there are people she can talk to. Rose says her husband is anything but abusive -- he's just incredibly Catholic. "I think God understands what I'm going through, and will forgive me. For Chris, religion isn't like a buffet table where you choose what you want to take and leave the rest. And the Pope says no to birth control, so I need your help." Alex tells her flatly that she doesn't need their help; if her husband isn't abusing her, she doesn't get to lie to him and blame it on the Pope. Whoa! And...why not? I can think of lots of things I'd blame on the Pope. Stupid Pope. (My grandmother just had a heart palpitation and doesn't know why.)

Outside in the hall, Addie is upset with Alex. Alex says no offense, but he has no interest in obstetrics or gynecology, so if she wants to throw him off the case, feel free. Addie: "Dr. Karev. I may be a board-certified OB/GYN, but I also have fellowships in maternal-fetal medicine and medical genetics, AND I'm one of the foremost neonatal surgeons in this country. When you can top that, you can mouth off. Until then, you will do your job, and you will do it right. You keep your mouth shut until I give you permission to open it, understood?" I just want you all to know that I typed all those words out so now you don't have to argue about what Addie's specialty is anymore. You're welcome.

McDreamy bids his patient a good morning. "Ms. Graber" is played by Jayne Brook, a.k.a. Hannah's mom on Everwood (CALL ME EVERWOOD I MISS YOU!), and it probably says something about me that I keep mistyping her name as "Janye," and no I'm so sure it's not because I love Kanye West and everything he does. AB Chao doesn't care about Kanye West. Anyway, Janye (let's just go with it) tells McDreamy that it is most certainly not a good morning, as he hasn't let her sleep in three nights, and the ridiculous hat he's making her wear is destroying her self-esteem, and she still hasn't had a seizure. I personally think the hat is kind of cute: it's black, and form-fitting, and you can barely notice all the wires coming out of it. McDreamy explains to Janye that they're mapping her brain, so they can locate the area where the seizures originate, so they can remove the affected area with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. Actually, Izzie explains all of this, but I'm mad at her so she gets no credit. Janye: "Except for the fact that it's not working, and I am losing billable hours. Unless...any of you are looking to get out of a bad marriage?" Izzie and George are all, "Nope!" and McDreamy is all, "No way!" and the rest of the world is all, "Awkward!" Janye tells McDreamy that she's an excellent divorce attorney, and besides, there was a look she noticed between Izzie and George. McDreamy just stands there, mortified, but Janye soldiers on. "Let me guess, you married young and now you have nothing in common? Oh no, don't tell me. I know. The conversation is still good, but the sex has gone to pot." Heeeee.

Outside the room, Izzie and George ask McDreamy just how they're supposed to make Janye have a seizure. McDreamy says he doesn't care if they hit her with a strobe light or get her drunk or hang her upside down and hit her with a whiffle ball bat. "Just make her seize, because until she seizes, I don't know where to operate, and I can't get this woman out of my life. And this woman? Is not how I like to start my mornings." He stomps off, leaving Izzie and George to giggle about it.

As they research how to make the nice divorce attorney have a seizure, Izzie says she's just curious (George) where he lives. George ignores this, and says there's an archaic video game known to induce seizures once you reach level 53. Izzie: "An archaic video game. Oh, by the way, where do you live?" George says he's busy doctoring, and doesn't have time for chit-chat. What he does have time for is Callie, who sexies in all tall and shiny-haired. They play kissy-face with each other until Izzie interrupts, with eyes rolled, "Dr. O'Malley! How's all that doctoring going?"

Eugene Foote is playing the violin in his hospital bed. It's nice. When he finishes up, he looks at Burke accusingly. "You tell me." Burke says it's an honor to hear him play. Foote says he knows Burke knows his timing is off, his rhythm is off, and this man playing has no business calling himself "Eugene Foote." Burke tells Foote that in the months since the pacemaker was installed, scar tissue has formed around it, and removing it will not be as simple as it sounds. Foote tells Burke a long, sad story about the first time he played violin, and how it was a beautiful moment in his life. "I know this surgery could kill me, but I also know you're the best. I'd like you to be the one to operate, Dr. Burke, but if you won't, I'll find someone who will." Well, then. Eugene Foote don't play, literally or figuratively. Commercials.

In the stairwell, Cristina asks Burke if Foote can't play. Burke says he can't play like Eugene Foote, and tells her he says he'll go somewhere else if Burke refuses. This storyline, though it probably should be, is really...not interesting. Cristina says he can't let Foote go somewhere else, and tries to guilt him into it. "What if it were you? What if you couldn't be a surgeon anymore? Or, you could still be one, but not a great one. Just average. He could get his surgery somewhere else, but that surgeon might be average." Burke cleans his glasses and ponders this. Wow, guilt really gets him -- he must be Catholic, too!

Denny's Room of Magical Hearts. Mere reports that all his stats look good, and there's no reason why he shouldn't be up and walking around. Denny is pleased, but Bailey says they can put it off if he has questions or is worried. Denny says he's got twenty tubes coming out of his body, including one stuck in his you-know-what, and at some point he'd like to use it for something besides peeing into a bag. At Bailey's utter embarrassment, he adds, "Like, for instance, peeing into a toilet." Uh huh. He tells Bailey and Mere that Izzie gave him medical advice, and they gave him different advice; it just so happens that theirs is the advice he wants to hear. Mere says Bailey outranks Dr. Stevens, so her advice is the one to follow. Bailey correctly surmises

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