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Blues For Sister Someone
to George and Izzie arguing. "I told you to tell her how you feel! I did NOT tell you to jump into bed with her." Janye watches curiously, and says to herself, "Adultery?" George wonders if Izzie just did it to humiliate him. "If you knew she didn't love me, why? What kind of friend is that?" Cut back to Rose's husband Chris, the violin music still playing over everything. Chris is shocked by the complications; now, he says, everything changes. And now we cut to Denny, who is (for the thousandth time, say it with me) having trouble breathing. And now we see that Eugene Foote is crashing. Burke tells Cristina to replace his hand with hers, a situation I do believe we've been in before. Cut back, again, to Izzie and George, yelling now. Izzie tells George he didn't want to hear it, and George argues that he did. Janye: "Yes, yes. Some denial, I think we can work with that." Heh. Back to Denny; Mere asks if they should intubate. Okay, so over in baby-land, Chris tells Alex that maybe it was a blessing. Alex says unconvincingly that, yes, maybe it was a blessing, this complication. More violin. Louder violin! This is getting kind of intense. Eugene Foote's heart stops. Denny continues to not be able to breathe, and Bailey argues with Webber over whether she's got it under control or not. Enough with the switching scenes, people! Izzie and George's argument escalates until Janye finally has a damn seizure, and they stop when they hear the thud of her body hitting the floor. Last one, is this the last one? Alex tells Chris that this "complication" might be God's way of helping him put his seven kids through college. Chris asks Alex what he's saying. Alex: "I'm saying, get a lawyer." Damn! Denny pushes the oxygen mask away, feeling a little better now. And as the music winds down, we switch back to Burke's OR and the sound of a flatline. Burke announces the time of death, and oh my Lord, it's finally over. Commercials.

Mere checks on Denny and tells him everything looks good. Denny asks Mere to thank Bailey for him. "I already thanked her once, but this here deserves a double scoop." Aw. Mere sits down on the bed, and Denny knows she wants to talk to him about Izzie. He thinks she disapproves. Mere says no, she's the last person to get on some kind of high horse, but there are strict rules about doctors dating patients. Denny says she knows Izzie pretty well, and if he went to her and told her this would be really bad for her career... "You think that would have any effect at all? The thing is, I was healthy my whole life 'til I wasn't. And for the last year, I've had a lot of time to lay around in bed and think about my life. And the things I remember best? Well, those are the things that I wasn't supposed to do and I did 'em anyway. So the thing is, Meredith, life is too damn short to be following these rules." Mere gives him a big smile. That was pretty cute. Still hate ya, Den, but that was real cute.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Bailey is confronting Webber about undermining her in front of her patient. Webber says she's sleep-deprived, just came back from maternity leave, and still isn't convinced she's on top of her game. Bailey can't believe it. "Every doctor in this hospital is sleep-deprived!" She thinks she's being punished. Webber tries to convince her this isn't a punishment, or any reflection on how highly he values her. Judging from the look on her face, Bailey is both unconvinced and also about to launch into one of her excellent tirades. Too bad she's interrupted by a nurse telling Webber that the man over there -- the nurse points to Chris -- is waiting to talk to him. Uh oh!

Cutie McVet is closing up when Mere bounces in the door. He says he thought she was knitting a sweater. Mere says she is. "But I'm also dating. You. If you still want to." McVet makes a face, and Mere says she should have called. McVet jumps up, all, "No, no, wait. Don't call. Never call. up." Aw. And yay. Mere says okay. McVet says he can't tonight, though -- he's got an errand to run. Mere smiles sweetly and says she runs errands. Cut to a stable. Ha! File that one under "Sentences I Never Expected To Type When I Took This Job." McVet says they can get dinner as soon as "she's" done giving birth. Mere, bemused, says, "You're birthing a horse? That was your errand. You're birthing a horse." McVet says he guesses he could have said that before she decided to come, but he was afraid that would scare her back to her knitting. He sees that the horse is getting anxious, and tells Mere she can stay outside the stall -- it can get a little messy in there. Mere: "Are you kidding? I wanna birth a horse!" McVet falls in love immediately, as he should.

Back at the hospital, Addie finds Webber to talk to him about Alex Karev and his bad, bad attitude. Webber has to break it to Addison that she's got way bigger problems than Alex Karev. "Mr. Ward has been speaking with our attorney regarding his wife's surgery. I read your chart, and I read the nurse's notes. Can you explain to me what kind of complication from a C-section leads to the severing of both Fallopian tubes?" Addie goes white as a sheet, and says nothing. Man. I'm glad she got to rattle off all her credentials earlier in this episode, because she's going to need that to hold onto after her career is ruined.

McDreamy tells Janye that the bad news is she had a grand mal seizure, but the good news is they mapped her brain, so now they can operate. Janye says, actually, she's decided against the surgery. McDreamy's all, "Huh?" Janye says the risks of craniotomy aren't terribly appealing. McDreamy says yes, but she has to weigh those risks with the detrimental effect her seizure disorder is having on her life. Janye shoots back, "Unless my life is having a detrimental effect on my seizure disorder. It's like you and your wife. Is the bad sex the biggest problem, or are the problems causing the bad sex?" McDreamy doesn't know whether to shit or go blind, and settles for saying he's not going to answer that question. Hee. Janye says her point is, she had more fun today than she can remember. She doesn't have any fun, or any friends, only work and seizures. "It's no coincidence that when the work stopped, the seizures stopped. Watching people fight has been my whole life for fifteen years. So I'm changing my life, and if that doesn't work I'll come back and let you cut open my brain, okay?" McDreamy finds this fair enough. I find Janye fantastic.

Aw, hello, baby horse! Mere and McVet check out their handiwork whinnying all around its mother. "It's pretty good, huh?" "It's pretty good."

Addie checks in on Rose, who says she's a little sore. Addie says that's normal, then gives her an expectant look. Rose apologizes for spilling it to Chris about the "complications." Addie gets very serious. "Rose. I need you to tell him that you asked me to tie your tubes." Rose is all, "No can do, ma'am. For you it's just insurance. For me, it's my marriage." Oh my God. Addie says it's her career, her reputation. Rose says she's sorry, because she's so grateful to her, but she just can't do it. Addie walks out angrily. Rose is a bitch.

Burke puts on one of Eugene Foote's CDs, sits down next to the player, and listens sadly to it in the dark. And now, one very weirdly timed commercial break.

When we return, Mere and McVet are back at his office. He suggests going upstairs to his place and having dinner. Mere balks; she does want to, but she doesn't. McVet tells her she has two options: "You could come up to my place, take off all your clothes, shower off the goo, borrow one of my shirts, and I'll cook you dinner. That's door number one. Door number two, you go home. I think you ought to take door number one." Me too! Take door number one, Mere! Mere says there is nothing he could say that would make her go upstairs with him, and she's kind of offended that he would think she'd go upstairs with him, and

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