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First things first, an correction of sorts that I should have made last week -- I now know that there is a refresh button on many, many keyboards out there. I was in fact completely uninformed and wrong. Noooo! Don't worry, I'm sure it will never, ever happen again. For at least a page or two.

"In 6500 B.C., some guy looked at his sick friend and said, 'I have an idea. Why don't I drill a hole in your skull? It'll make you feel better.' And thus, surgery was born." That's quite an opening voiceover this week. Izzie is skulking down the hall and listens at a door. After some back and forth, she decides to knock super quietly, and the door is pulled open by Derek, wearing a pillow over his naughty bits. She's rather delighted, but he interrupts her gawking to say that Mere isn't there and that he's waiting for her. When he asks what she wants, she goes into a very long and ridiculous story about ordering a pizza, and Alex owing her $20, but that he won't pay her because of the crying, she thought for a moment he might be human... it's annoying, classic Izzie, I'm sure you can fill in the rest in a self-righteous voice. Derek tells her to go into the bathroom and once she's hiding, hollers for Alex to give him $20. He does without even asking and once his door is closed, he hands it over to Izzie. She's amazed and now thinks he's cool, rather than just hairy. She offers him some pizza but he slams the door in her face like I wish I could do quite often.

Mere's VO continues: "It takes a certain brand of crazy to come up with an idea like drilling into somebody's skull. But surgeons have always been a confident bunch." And a super bitchy bunch, if this show is to be believed. Cristina and Callie are moving into the new apartment with the help of Meredith and Erica. Cristina pauses in the living room with a box of her clothes, but Callie orders her to put them in her room, adding that the living room won't be a dumping ground. Has she learned nothing in the time they've already been roommates? Once she's gone, Cristina rests the box elsewhere in the living room and Erica asks acidly, "Did you not hear her?" Cristina's answer is to drop the box in the middle of the floor and leave it. Seriously, I hate that Erica is so 100% different from Callie versus the others. I get that she's an attending, but watching her be a bitch to everyone is just tiresome. She reminds me of guys I've dated and how relieved I had been to break up with them and not feel like I was having to run interference between my significant others and my friends and family. But Callie doesn't seem to mind, so here we are. Cristina makes a comment about Callie needing a new best friend.

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