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Break On Through

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Break On Through
s to turn away, and Jesus Christ why is this episode so sad?

Mere, still red-faced from her breakdown, finds Webber and tells him she thinks he should keep going to visit her mom. Webber wants to make sure it's all right with her. Mere says yes, she's sure. "She lights up when you're around. She's alive." Webber nods, and Mere goes off looking like she might need to cry just a little bit more.

Cristina and Burke are staring down the hall at Sydney and Alex healing each other with love. Cristina says she can't apologize right now, no way, not with Alex there. Burke says she can, and she will. Cristina turns it around on him, all, "Excuse me, why aren't YOU apologizing?" Burke says he's an attending; he doesn't apologize to residents. "You, on the other hand, are an intern." Cristina walks over to Sydney like she's Anne Boleyn facing the guillotine, and stutters, "Uhh...Sydney? I just wanted to...uhhh...uh...ap...apoloshsshize....for you know...overstepping...uh, mmmmsorry." Sydney gets all happy again, and folds her hands in the most insane gesture of peace I've ever seen. "Well, there's the compassion I was looking for! Apology accepted. Okay, you wanna hug it out?" Jesus Lord, I cannot TAKE it. Sydney extends her arms for the big compassionate hug, and Cristina doesn't know how to act. Alex is all, "Come on, hug!" and Burke is standing off to the side barely containing himself. Cristina finally just turns around and walks away. Best hug ever.

Webber watches the strike on TV with his assistant. He asks her where he's going to find the spare change -- it's not like what he's got hiding under the couch is going to do it. She says she seems to remember pushing through paperwork for a multi-million-dollar surgery rollout. Webber insists it will bring in huge business. "And can you and the robot handle that business without nurses?" Webber, of course, doesn't like robots, so it looks like the strike is over. As he goes outside and shakes hands with the jubilant nurses, Mere voice-overs, "We can't help ourselves. We see a line, we want to cross it. Maybe it's the thrill of trading the familiar with the unfamiliar -- a sort of personal dare. Only problem is, once you've crossed, it's almost impossible to go back." Cut to McDreamy in bed with Addie, thinking about a certain hyperventilating intern he once knew.

Union George is in his bed playing GameBoy. The door opens and Izzie flops down into the bed. "You okay?" Izzie says yeah, she's fine. The door opens again, and Meredith flops down on the other side. "You okay?" Mere says yeah, she's fine too. George asks them what the hell happened today. Both girls are all, "Nothing." Aw. He goes back to playing his game, and Izzie says they don't know everything about each other. Mere agrees. As does George. And a final MereVO: "If you do manage to make it back across that find safety in numbers." Mere switches off the light and over the title screen, we hear George's voice: "Anybody wanna have sex?" The girls laugh, and that's it.

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