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Break On Through
ver, and is most impressed. "Wow, that's amaaaazing!" Cristina, trying to ignore this and be all business, asks if Claire fell or sustained any kind of trauma on the hike. Claire's husband Wade says she cut her foot on some oyster shells at the beach a few days ago. They were windsurfing in Puget Sound, obviously. Here's something funny about this storyline. Actually, it's not about the storyline, it's about me. I started a new job on Monday on the second floor of a big old building. Tuesday morning, I woke up to find that my legs were so sore I could barely stand up. They were sore, you see, FROM THE WALKING. Take that, Claire and Wade! Sydney giggles that they're going to need a honeymoon to recover from their honeymoon. Alex totally does the butt-kiss laugh, and it is awesome. Claire asks if she's going to be okay, and Alex says it's probably just a simple skin infection. Cristina says it's not, either, and points to Claire's leg. The infection has spread way over the line, and her leg is all puffy and angry-looking. Uh oh!

Mere runs into McDreamy and asks how the dog is. McDreamy says he's great, and they get to laughing about him. Before they can say much more, though, Addison comes over and marks her territory and ruins everything. "You should come visit! The dog, I mean." Mere's all, "Uh huh. Bye!" After she leaves, Addison tells McDreamy that she's looking for a neurosurgeon to consult on a fetal-spinal tumor. "You know anybody good?" McDreamy fakes a laugh, still having to pretend he likes his own wife.

Outside in the picket line, Olivia, Mean Nurse, and Hot Man Nurse corner George. They need him to go in and check on some of their patients. George is confused; how can he both picket and cross the picket line at the same time? Olivia says the patients are theirs, too, but they can't go in, so they need him to go in and do it for them. George doesn't know what to do, so he just stands there being a sad little union guy.

Claire's biopsy. Sydney asks if anyone would like to probe the wound. Alex: "I do! I'd really like to try your method of healing with love." Hee. Sydney tells Alex that she likes the way he thinks, and chides Cristina, "Looks like someone needs to learn how to share, Cristina!" Cristina looks like she might vomit. Sydney gets a phone call from pathology, and they find out that Claire has necrotizing fasciitis, better known as the flesh-eating disease. Mmm, delicious!

Mere checks on Grace and finds Webber's assistant there. She can't believe Meredith intubated her; a temp nurse found the paperwork, and Grace is DNR. Just then, three sassy old ladies appear at the door of Grace's room. "You put a tube in Grace?" "She put a tube in Grace!" "You put a tube in Grace!" Oh Lord. Mere stares at them until one of them throws something at her and declares, "You little schnook, you were supposed to let her die!" Then she tries to duck. Commercials.

When we come back, Grace's three bestest friends are telling Mere all about it. They've surrounded her on all sides, and they're all talking over each other. One of them, who is talking in this absolutely bonkers Southern accent, drawls, "Naaaaw mo-shaaaanes, she saaaayud!" She reminds me of my grandmother, and I kind of love her. Another one explains that she remembers when Grace said that, because Alice was there with her girlfriend. "The daughter. She's a lesbian." Heh. The third tells "Agnes" to stop with the rambling. Mere steps out from under them and asks for a little clarification on who these three old loons are, anyway -- her sisters? Agnes laughs, "No, her sister Rose died back in '83." Number Three adds, "May she rest in peace." The one who reminds me of my grandmother says Grace's other sister died, too. Number Three: "May she rest in peace." They tell Mere that this really is what Grace wanted. Mere says she needs to speak with Grace's husband. My grandmother: "Lennie never talked much when he was alive. Good luck getting a word now!" Number Three: "May he rest in peace." Okay, that's enough. Mere tells them that Grace said she just saw Lennie, and the ladies explain that it's because she's trying to cross over to get to him. My grandmother: "Haaay wuz a-waitin' for huh in the laaaaght." Agnes: "Which she can't reach now, thanks to you!" Poor Mere.

Webber finds George skulking through the hospital on his nursing errands, and orders him to do something. George stutters that he's here, but he's not really here. Webber says he won't be anywhere in about thirty seconds if he doesn't do what he's told. George: "Sir, all due respect, no offense intended, but I won't cross the picket line." Webber doesn't see how that could be, since George is standing right in front of him. George says he's checking on some patients for the nurses, but he's going right back out to join them. Webber reminds George that he's a doctor. George says yes, but he's also a union man. "All due respect, no offense." Webber rolls his eyes and walks off, but George follows him, reading off orders from the nurses he's written down on a notepad. Webber is all, "Fine, fine. I will do these things, but I will smash you if you keep bugging me." George stops talking for a second, then yells at the top of his lungs, "Forty to fifty hours of mandatory overtime is extremely..." Webber turns around to smash him, and George takes off the other way with his notepad, calling over his shoulder, "Yes sir I'm very sorry no offense intended sir!" I could not love George more if I tried.

Claire's doctors are telling her poor husband Wade about the flesh-eating bacteria that's invaded Claire's body. Cristina says they need to amputate Claire's leg immediately, but Sydney tells Wade that amputation might not be the only option. Cristina looks at Sydney like she's grown another head, and says, "Excuse me? It's the only SANE option." She says if they don't get all the infection out, Claire will die. Wade can't believe this is happening on their honeymoon. He asks about the other option. Alex, ass-kisser that he is, stands next to Sydney and says they might be able to save Claire's leg by cutting out the infection. Unfortunately, there's no time to take Claire out of anesthesia and put her back under, so Wade needs to make a decision now. Wade: "She runs marathons. This is our adventure honeymoon. It's who she is." Gag. Try walking sometime! Sydney tells Wade they'll do everything they can to save the leg. Cristina clearly has more to say, but holds her tongue for once in her life.

Cheyenne's room. McDreamy tells her how the surgery will go, and Addison says she may even be able to take her baby home by the end of the week. Cheyenne doesn't look too sure about this. "That soon?" Addison says yes, she thinks the surgery will be a great success and the baby will be fine. When they leave, Izzie notes that Cheyenne is reading Shakespeare. Cheyenne says it's homework for English class. She corrects herself, "Was. The baby wasn't due for a few more weeks. Now, I guess..." Izzie finishes for her, "No more school." Cheyenne says it's weird how when you're in school, you hate it, until you can't go anymore. Izzie asks Cheyenne if she's made any plans: bought a crib, called about childcare, looked at assistance? Cheyenne says she hasn't done any of that yet. She was trying to save money to get her own trailer home, but she thought she'd have more time. "Nine months goes by fast." Izzie gets this look on her face, the one that is a big flashing sign reading "Foreshadowing Ahead!" and says, "Yeah. Yeah, it does." Sounds like someone's been pregnant before. Who could it be?

Back in Claire's surgery, Cristina can't take it anymore. She tells Sydney that if the infection moves to Claire's bloodstream, she'll die. Alex: "If she wakes up without her leg, she might wish she had." Sydney says her new BFF Alex is right; Claire's young, healthy, newlywed, and fully able to recover from this. Cristina can't believe Sydney's basing Claire's treatment plan on cuteness. "If she were an eighty-ye

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