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Break On Through
ar-old man, you'd amputate in a heartbeat." Sydney snaps, "She's not eighty. Where's your compassion?" Cristina points out that trying to save a patient from death is pretty compassionate. Sydney lays it on thick: "I must say I'm disappointed in you. Why can't you be more like Alex? This guy, he's compassionate, he's warm. He's fighting with me to save Claire's leg." Heeeeee. Alex gives Cristina a look like, "Yes, why can't you be more like Alex?" Cristina has to excuse herself from the room, and immediately runs off to tell on Sydney to Burke. After she tells him what's going on, and how Sydney is the exact opposite of Bailey in all the worse ways, she gets all dramatic: "I think the new resident is KILLING her PATIENT." Jeez. Commercials.

Burke busts up in Sydney's surgery and introduces himself. Sydney is all excited that Burke has joined them; she says she's a huge fan. Burke tries to pretend he's just interested in this rare and exciting case of necrotizing fasciitis, but Sydney isn't fooled. She asks him if he was just curious, or if Cristina was concerned that the "perky little bimbo cheerleader" wasn't in here trying to kill a patient. "Am I right? Now, with all due respect, Dr. Burke, I know you don't know me very well but I'm pretty good at what I do. And my patient is a twenty-five-year-old marathoner, and I told her husband I would try and save her leg. So, my plan is to stand here as long as it takes to scrape away every last cell of necrotic flesh." Whoa! Go, Halfrek. Sydney goes on to say that if she misses any, then they'll take the leg. "And when I do, our eager young intern here can hold the saw. Unlike Dr. Karev, kindness and compassion aren't very high on her list of priorities, but a little bone-saw action? Maybe that will earn me some respect, am I right?" Oh, yes. Once again, you are.

Out in the hospital lobby, Grace's three friends are trying to charm Webber into honoring Grace's DNR request. They're all extremely annoying here with their crazy old lady jabbering, and I refuse to recap it. Mere says she wants them to realize that if she pulls out the tube, Grace will die. "We're old, not deaf. Pull the plug already, it's what she wants," they all say. Webber says he knows they're concerned for their friend, but he's going to need someone with power of attorney to make the decision. My grandmother: "That's Aaaaaalice! Cawl Ayulllice!" They all agree that Alice, the lesbian, should be called. Webber says they'll need Alice's signature -- her real signature, not just a faxed copy. Sadly, Alice lives in Oregon. Webber walks off with Mere, and my grandmother bats her eyelashes after him in a final attempt to make him do her bidding. Mere comments that he's like the Old Lady Whisperer -- they sure do cheer up when he comes around! Webber wants Mere to realize that if the daughter shows up tomorrow and confirms she's DNR… "I have to kill my patient, I know," Mere says. Well, I'm sure Alex could counsel her on that. Webber asks Mere how she's doing, and if she needs anything. Mere: "Oh, I'm fine, sir. I don't need any help from you." Nyah! That'll show him, Mere.

Later that night in Joe's bar, all the nurses raise a toast to George. "To Dr. O'Malley!" George eats it up. Elsewhere at Joe's, Cristina is recounting Sydney's smackdown to the other interns. She can't believe Sydney called her out for lacking compassion in front of Burke. Mere moans about having to kill her patient tomorrow. Izzie says nothing, just sits there looking like she's about to cry. She suddenly stands up and puts her coat on, saying she forgot something at the hospital. Cristina bitches at Alex for being such a kiss-ass, and Alex tells her to shut her pie-hole. Yes, very compassionate. George walks over to get another round. Alex calls him a nurse, which starts a huge fight between the doctors and the nurses. One of them pours her drink all over Cristina's lap, and Cristina stands up ready to fight. "Bring it on, soccer mom!" Heh. Mere pulls Cristina out the door by the arm, and an all-out brawl is avoided.

Izzie, meanwhile, has gone back to bare her soul to Cheyenne. She confesses that she grew up in the same town Cheyenne is from, in a trailer park Cheyenne knows. Izzie says her mom still lives there, then asks Cheyenne if she can keep a secret. Cheyenne can, and Izzie tearfully pulls a picture out of her pocket to show her. "This is my daughter." Well, that wasn't obvious. Commercials.

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