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Break On Through

When we get back, Izzie is telling Cheyenne that the picture she has was taken when her daughter was six, but she's eleven now. She says she lived in Santa Barbara, but they moved. "I don't know where. But I know her name is Hannah, and she likes pigs. I think it's probably because her mom read her Charlotte's Web." Okay, now it's sad. Cheyenne says she thought Izzie was her mom. Izzie can barely speak through her tears. "I'm her mother, but I'm not her mom." She says she knows that where they come from, this kind of thing doesn't get talked about, but she wanted her to know that there's more than one way to be a good mother. "I wanted better for her than I could do at sixteen." Cheyenne breaks my heart by welling up herself and telling Izzie she loves her baby. Izzie says she knows that. "But you're reading her Shakespeare. When you're working twelve hours at the diner, like our moms, you won't be coming home and reading her Shakespeare." Tears!

And just when you thought he couldn't get any hotter, Burke is sitting alone in his house playing a freaking jazz horn. Cristina walks in and says she could hear him all the way down the street; she likes it, too, but she doesn't know what the neighbors will think. "Which, by the way, is not a thing someone lacking in compassion would be concerned with." Nice try, Crissy. Burke coldly asks how the patient's leg is. Cristina says it's carved all to hell, but still on her body. She adds compassionately, "We're watching it overnight. What's going on." What's going on is that Burke is upset about questioning a fellow surgeon in her OR, which he's never done in his career. "I never understood what the problem was with an intern dating an attending...until today." Cristina looks sad and walks into the bedroom. Hey, that's not very compassionate!

The next day in the hospital, George gives Meredith nursing tips from his notepad. Burke calls over to George that he has sutures to do. George is all, "Sorry, can't help you!" Burke gives him just about the same look Webber did earlier, which stops George short. With nothing else to do, he starts yelling again. "Fair hours! Fair wages! Fair hours! offense." Hee. George starts to tell Izzie how the strike is going, then checks himself. "I shouldn't even be seen talking to you!" Strike George might be my favorite George ever.

Alice, Grace's lesbian daughter, finds Mere and introduces herself. Mere is totally freaked out, but asks Alice (go ask Alice!) to come with her. Just as they're walking away, Cheyenne's mom confronts Izzie. "You told me you would look after her. You told me to go to work, and you said you would look after her." Izzie tries to steer Mom away from George's big ears, and they start talking. Mom can't believe Izzie told a scared kid to give her baby away. Izzie says she didn't advise her, or pressure her; they just talked. Mom informs Izzie that she's not a shrink, nor her mother. "She's my kid, and you crossed the line." Izzie says she's very sorry. Mom says no, she's not sorry -- she's superior, and she doesn't need to be judging them, or telling Cheyenne how to live her life. Izzie says Cheyenne is smart, and thoughtful, and she can have more. "She can have more than a trailer park and a graveyard shift at a truck-stop diner. Don't you want that for her? I mean, if you can get past the fact that I'm superior, and that I'm judging you, and telling you what's best for your family...if you can just get past all of that, isn't it possible that I'm also right?" Damn. Mom ponders this, but also looks like she might kill Izzie right afterwards.

Claire's room. The patient is awake, and Sydney tells her that she's made a spectacular recovery. Claire asks if she's going to be all right. Sydney says she should be just fine after a few rounds in the hyperbaric chamber. Claire thanks her, and Sydney compassionately says it was her pleasure. Cristina looks on with little to no emotion, and even less compassion. Sydney tells Claire that Dr. Karev, the best doctor ever, will explain the hyperbaric chamber. Alex is all magnanimous: "Why, thank you, Dr. Heron!" On Sydney's way out, she gives Cristina a big smile. "I'll take that apology anytime!" Awesome.

Mere and Webber are with Grace, who is surrounded on all sides by her friends and family. Mere explains that she's going to give Grace a sedative and then remove the tube. She looks like she's been crying for about five hours. Alice's girlfriend asks her if she's ready. Alice says she is, but as Mere goes to push the sedative, Alice tells her to wait. She leans over and kisses her mom on the head, whispering, "Goodbye, Mommy." Alice looks at the three old ladies. Agnes tells Alice they've already said their goodbyes; they just wanted to be there when Grace crossed over. Alice tells Mere she's ready, and Mere gives Grace her sedative and turns off the machine. She tells the women that it might take a while for Grace to go. A sad song starts playing, and we cut to...

…Cristina, in the on-call room with Burke. She paces around, all upset that Sydney wants her to apologize. Burke says she needs to apologize. Cristina disagrees, and paces some more. Burke tells her the thing with him wasn't her fault -- he's supposed to be her teacher, but she came to him as his girlfriend, and he responded in the same way. Cristina says she's not used to being wrong. Burke: "I know. But you're an intern. Second-guessing a resident? That's not your job." Cristina considers this as she hatches evil plans in her head to get back at Sydney for this.

Outside Grace's room, Mere finally tells Webber she saw him at the nursing home with her mom. Webber, trying to stay cool, says he goes whenever he can. Mere asks why he kept it a secret, and he admits that he doesn't know. "Would you like me to stop going?" Mere starts to answer, then changes her mind and says she's going to check on Grace. Before she enters the room, she turns back and asks Webber if he thinks her mom is lonely. Webber says he does think that. Mere hangs her head at this, and goes in to see her patient.

Inside Grace's room, all the people in her life surround her, rubbing her arm and patting her shoulder and being about as sweet as anything I've ever seen. Another song starts playing, this one telling us it's a big-girl world now, as we cut to Cheyenne's surgery. Izzie looks on sadly as the baby is delivered and cleaned up. Grace's friends continue to comfort her as her breathing becomes more labored, and Mere watches them with tears in her eyes. We get an overhead shot of everyone holding on to Grace as she goes, and Number Three says softly, "May she rest in peace." I don't have to tell you about the tears this time, do I? Mere announces the time of death, her voice cracking, and she walks quickly out of the room so she won't completely collapse in front of Grace's family. She runs into a supply closet and tries to catch her breath. McDreamy, of course, sees this and follows her inside.

He sits down next to her as she starts crying and hyperventilating and trying to talk. "I can't...I don't...I can't...I don't want my mother to die alone!" She's now sobbing uncontrollably, and McDreamy tries to get her to calm down. He finally has to hand her a paper bag to breathe into, and y'all, it is fucking gut-wrenching. She pulls herself together and says she's okay. He looks into her eyes, and damn if I didn't think they were going to kiss. Mere forces herself to look away, and runs out of the room. McDreamy sits on the floor of the closet wondering how he got to be such a jackass.

In the nursery, Cheyenne looks at her baby and asks Izzie, "Do you ever wish you hadn't done it?" Izzie says no, she really doesn't. Cheyenne asks if she still gets to name her baby, even if she gives her away. Izzie tells her kindly that she can name her for herself. Cheyenne: "Did you name yours?" Izzie hesitates for a second, then says, "Sarah." Cheyenne gets teary-eyed, and says that's a pretty name. Izzie ha

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