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Remember when I told you to stay tuned? Here's where we revisit that scene, as it's exactly the same B-roll of a helicopter coming to land in the rain, only this time it's pertinent to the story. I would have thought they'd have more rainy establishing shots to work with so that they wouldn't need to use the same one twice. ...You probably were expecting a bigger payoff from my noting this in the beginning of the episode, weren't you?

Meredith explains to Anna that they'll turn off the pump, and that means that she'll be in a lot of pain for what Anna calls "the healing ritual." Meredith asks if she's okay with it, and when she says she is, Meredith observes that this isn't just for her father, that Anna believes it too. Anna: "I know it sounds like a lot of crap, but watch the ritual, you'll see." Mere asks what, and Anna answers, "The moment it happens." Music swells as shaman enters.

Cristina, meanwhile, is kicking back on the second bed in Henry's room, narrating. "'Oh yes! I'm so very, very, naughty"...Bianca said. As she dropped her stethoscope. 'Me too!' said Crystal, as she snapped on her surgical glove." Bailey walks by to see and hear Cristina, but also to see that Henry is calm. Not having noticed, Cristina continues enthusiastically, "And then, there was MARTA." Bailey glares at her, but Cristina shrugs and asks where she was. Henry murmurs, "Marta." Cristina: "Marta was the naughtiest nurse of all. Because she knew how to..." We are not to find out Marta's special skillz, however, as the lights come back on, and the giggling from the TV means the actual porn is back on too.

The shaman lights things in the room, which presumably has had all of the explosive items removed, and Anna's eyes are closed as Mere and Derek observe from outside. Derek asks, "How long do you think it takes to retrieve a lost soul?" Mere doesn't know. This was actually a very cool storyline, but it wasn't necessarily the most, hmm, subtle one. My eyes actually got stuck rolling into the back of my head for a moment at that line.

Izzie pops her head into the elevator to congratulate George, who happily tells her, "I have my finger in a heart." She tells him it's very cool, and then turns to look at Alex, who is marinating in his shame and glares at her. Her face falls and she leaves. And at the same time this is going on, Richard is standing outside Ellis's room, gazing at her.

Izzie tells Mrs. Bradley she has stress cardiomyopathy. Her husband is conveniently out of the room at this moment. When she asks what that means, Izzie just says, "It's Ted." While Mrs. Bradley weakly denies it, Izzie explains how each year, on the anniversary of his death, she gets a rush of adrenaline to the heart which causes these symptoms. Mrs. Bradley finally comes clean. "For 27 years, I loved the man next door and he loved me." It sounds kind of trite on paper, but it's actually rather heartbreaking. She says that he was her soulmate. "And then he just...died!" Izzie says her heart stops beating because she is grieving. Mrs. Bradley cries and asks what the treatment is. Izzie quietly answers, "I wish I knew." Don't worry for yourself, Iz. You've got TWO soulmates coming up in short order.

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