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Derek's pondering what just happened while walking up the stairs with Meredith, and tells her to call social services. But when he begins to reminisce about a similar case in New York, she asks him if he needs to tell her anything else actually work-related. As only he can do, he gets indignant and actually growls at Mere about how he was married for eleven years and he's allowed a moment of doubt or hesitation before he pulls the trigger. I didn't see any doubt or hesitation when you were wooing Meredith and not telling her about your estranged wife. I think Mere is quite entitled to be pissed off about her significant other's actions. He raises his voice to a yell until he hears a door open and remembers they're at work. In a low voice he adds, "And a little understanding from you would be nice," and leaves. Here's the thing, Derek. It's not her problem. You were her boyfriend until your previously unmentioned wife showed up, so it's in no way shape or form her problem, so shut the hell up.

Burke sees Addison, still looking for Derek. Cristina then catches up to Burke and super-awkwardly thanks him. He tells her there's no thanks needed, but then asks where they are. She hesitates, falling back on the fact that she's getting back on her feet. A pretty good excuse, I'd say, after having a miscarriage and losing a fallopian tube and having major surgery to repair it within the last short while. He responds with a very clipped, "Fine," at which she starts stuttering. He cuts her off and tells her that he's not waiting forever. Okay, you dumped her unceremoniously and then made one kind gesture, and she's supposed to flip around and be able to decide if she wants to get back together with you? Oh, I don't THINK so. She's allowed a moment to think. Sheesh, it's like becoming a doctor leeches out all of your brains other than what you need to practice medicine. As he struts away, he runs into Bailey and asks her to scrub in on the gunshot victim's surgery. But she's not because she's leaving early. He asks, surprised, if she's got a date, and she very happily replies, "Yes. Yes I do. A handsome man is whisking me away to a love NEST for the weekend." Just do it like Bailey does it, interns. Ignore the man-children.

Alex and George are talking to their shot cop, who's lamenting the fact that this was his first month on the job and he's never going to live this down. George assures him that he will, but Alex seems to doubt it. Meanwhile, Izzie tells Bailey that her patient didn't have a heart attack. Bailey doesn't like this diagnosis and tells her to go back and figure out what it was, then. So demanding!

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