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Addison is walking down the hall with Richard; it looks like in addition to asking where Derek is, her other function this hour is to explain to us and him that one of the backup generators isn't working. She then also orders him to remember to breathe. He refuses, as now the only way to get patients from the ER to the OR is out of order. Funny he should mention that, as a patient with a gunshot wound, traveling from the ER to the OR, is now stuck between two floors with George and Alex. Richard is hyperventilating again. Bailey gets down on the floor so that she can look into the car and demand, "What did you two do?" She clearly doesn't believe them entirely when they protest that they did nothing. Burke then gets down to ask about the patient, who is not doing well.

Mere is giving Anna a morphine drip as the lights flicker. Anna protests that she doesn't need it since she's going home, but Mere administers it anyway. She then tells Anna that she'll have to sign a form saying she's leaving against medical advice. Then, gently, she says that they'll call a social worker, adding that she knows this is all new and confusing. Anna gloriously tells her to knock it off. "Spare me the white-girl cultural-divide love." She explains that she grew up in the area, went to UW, and plays in a band. "I get it. My father doesn't. He says no, it's no." When Mere points out that they're talking about her ability to walk, Anna explains, "That's what you're talking about. I'm talking about my family. Have you ever even heard of the Hmong people? Our religion has got rules that are way old and way set in stone." Meredith asks her what the rules are. There's a glint of respect in Anna's eyes when she hears the question.

Bailey has paged Derek, and when he shows up she says accusingly, "PORN as pain management?" Derek is merely amused, commenting that she must have met the patient. She's having none of it, merely repeating her question, so Derek tells her about studies that have shown it can provide a benefit. When this fails to sway her, he just shrugs that he didn't prescribe it, so she should take it up with the doctor who did. He adds that it can stimulate the brain to produce endorphins. She merely tells him that it's his problem if his patient turns out to be a "sex weirdo," and adds that his wife is looking for him.

Anna must have told Meredith the rules, because she finds Derek (in the stairwell, natch) and tells him he needs to speak to Anna's father because "Having testicles is a requirement." Are you sure he's your man, then? She explains that Anna's father believes Anna is missing one of her souls. "We don't need a social worker. We need a shaman."

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