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Izzie tells her cardiac patient that she didn't have a heart attack, much to the relief of her and her husband. But she then adds that she won't send the patient home until she knows just what did happen.

Pete is becoming delirious in the elevator, he's pulling at his mask and insisting he needs to go home. Burke's watching from above and asks what supplies they have; when they tell him they've just got a code box and gloves, he expresses great surprise that they didn't bring an open chest tray. Seriously -- are you trying to tell me that for a trip that was supposed to take 30 seconds and end in the OR, they should have thrown in surgical tools just in case? Once you're going down that road, why not just have a surgeon do the transport himself? Oh, because they're too busy flirting with the female interns. Which brings us back to two male interns and no open chest tray in a stuck elevator. Pete's blood pressure is awful, and George seems to realize, "He's gonna die." They all have a moment until Burke tells them to intubate him and that he'll be back. He's going to get a [something that didn't sound like "open chest" but that still implied sharp instruments] tray. Before he goes, he announces, "You guys are going to have to open up his chest." Outside, Bailey asks Burke if he's sure. He's not, but he runs for the supplies anyway while George and Alex gape at each other.

After commercial, George is manning the big pump to keep Pete breathing, and Alex is just standing there. When George asks him a question, Alex bites his head off telling him to shut up. Someone seems a wee bit nervous for all his "I'm the real surgeon" talk.

Outside in the rain, Mr. Chue, Anna's father, is smoking a cigar under an umbrella. Derek finds him and asks if he's taking Anna home for a healing ritual. Her father explains that one of her souls is missing and she needs a shaman to get it back, and this needs to take place before she goes into surgery or she'll die. Derek insists that he could have told them this, but Mr. Chue (probably rightfully) says he would have been called a fool. Derek claims he respects their traditions even if he doesn't understand them. "But you're standing beside me in a three-thousand-dollar suit so I also know that you respect the fact that I'm telling you Anna needs a surgeon in the next 24 hours if she's going to walk. She can't leave this hospital." When Mr. Chue insists she needs her soul, Derek says they'll have to get a shaman, rather like you can just go pick them up from Shamans 'R' Us from down the street. Mr. Chue calls him an arrogant man (again, not wrong) but Derek says even if that's true, he's got access to a helicopter. Presumably as a sign of consent, Mr. Chue hands him a cigar. As Derek runs back inside, he calls out, "Finding her soul won't be easy!" Derek: "It never is!"

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