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Bailey has now replaced Addie at Richard's side, and he's ranting and raving that they don't have enough power, demanding to know whose fault it is that they didn't order a new generator last year so that he can then kick that person's ass. Bailey gets really vague, but Richard knows that she knows everything, and orders her to tell him. "That would be your butt, Chief. You didn't authorize the replacement generators, saving money for the new MRI machine." Then she makes an excuse and leaves so that he can try to get his foot to reach to his own backside in private.

Burke is back and handing supplies down into the elevator, remarking that it's not a terribly sterile environment (being the social center of the hospital and all) but they'll try. Once he's draped, George hands off the breathing pump to Alex and cleans the area. Alex is looking pretty sweaty at this point.

Outside, Cristina's sitting at the nurses' station when Izzie comes up and requests her patient's medical records, and asks her to be paged since she'll wait on the OR floor. As she dashes off, she nearly collides with Mere. Cristina asks them where they're going and finds out that Izzie is off to watch George and Alex do heart surgery in an elevator, and Meredith is off to a shaman healing ritual. This earns Mere a "Rock on!" from a pumped Izzie. Cristina has wilted, moaning sadly, "I have Porn Guy!"

She then visits Porn Guy and finds him moaning and in complete distress; she's absolutely stunned to see he's really in pain and that the porn had actually helped. Henry asks, "What do you think, I'm some kind of pervert watching that stuff in front of you?" "Well...yes!" she answers. She opens up his chart and tries to figure out what medicine she can possibly give him that won't cause an allergic or otherwise adverse reaction, but there's nothing.

Back in the elevator, Alex says disbelievingly, "We're really going to do this." Burke then hands the scalpel in, and they both look at it. He tells Alex to take it, but Alex is frozen. He's got a huge audience outside the elevator for this choke, including Izzie. After a moment, George yells at him to ventilate and grabs the scalpel himself, asking Burke what to do. He's to make an incision long enough to fit his hands in, and part of Burke's instructions include, "Use the scissors if you have to." I gag a little at the mental image. As George goes to cut, Burke jumps in to add not to cut into the lung or the heart. But when George asks how to be sure, "You just have to be sure," is Burke's answer. Alex is holding up a light now in addition to his ventilating duties as George declares, "We're not in Kansas anymore," and makes the cut. Hold on a sec, did Pete finally pass out? And then...won't wake up when his chest cavity is cut open (possibly with scissors)? Let's assume that they somehow anesthetized him and didn't tell us about it, and ignore the multitude of questions that would bring up in its own right.

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