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ABC seems to be making a habit of starting this show a few seconds early now, cutting off the beginning of Meredith's always scintillating voiceovers. But seriously, in this age of the DVR, why is it that shows suddenly get a little bit off schedule every so often? In terms of Important Issues, this is clearly up there with world peace, I know. In the absence of the first ten seconds, I shall fill in: "Blah blah blah something about biology... we grow older, new instincts kick in. We become territorial." It's hard to be territorial when four of you have to share a bathroom in the hospital's local frat house, even if this is the BIGGEST bathroom in the world. Seriously, I could fit my bed in there. Alex is brushing his teeth, Jackson pops out of the shower asking for a towel ("But why bother?" most of this show's viewing audience asks their television), April hands him one but then she knocks in to Lexie and causes her to cut a giant gash in her leg with her razor. Have any of these people heard of taking turns in there? Meredith and Derek pop their heads in and while Derek comments (rightly) that this isn't normal, Meredith beams at her motley crew of lodgers.

"We learn to compete." Arizona and Callie are getting frisky when Mark knocks on the door trying to get Callie up, as she promised to work out with him. Arizona yells at him to go away but he instead decides to burst in, and then gives an approving nod at what he sees going on and says he'll wait before heading back out.

"We seek shelter." Owen and Cristina really are looking for a place and go in to a building that says Seattle Fire Department. Inside it's dusty and a bunch of furniture has been abandoned but it's a really cool space that indeed used to be a fire station, and still has all of the original doors and hardware. Owen clearly loves it but Cristina just looks around listlessly and shrugs when he tries to get her excited about the fireman's pole in the middle of the room. He finally comes over and points out that this might be their house, so he needs her to care. But she only sighs, and he tells the agent they will think about it, obviously a bit frustrated.

"Most important of all, we reproduce." Meredith and Derek are in the baby doctor's office, and she's terribly nervous as she nervously remembers all of the tequila she drank that she fears now might have caused her problems. Derek points out that tequila has actually aided in many a pregnancy, and he tries to tell Meredith that everyone is going to be fine. As the doctor walks in Mere VOs, "Sometimes biology can turn on us, though." Case in point, the doctor tells them seriously that they have a few things to discuss. VO: "Yeah. Biology sucks sometimes." You are a doctor Mere, you JUST figured that out?

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