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Eleanor was driving past the laundromat when she saw him inside, committing the sin of doing Kimmy's laundry for her when he never did the same in her marriage, and the last straw is when she saw him folding "a pair of hot pink panties." She spits out the words, her face contorted in anger, and April and Lexie have gone from confused to horrified as Eleanor says she's glad Lila is okay (and seems totally insincere about it, like she was just collateral damage) but concludes that she now knows why people call jealousy the "green-eyed monster." Lexie tries tentatively to speak up but Eleanor cuts her off and says, rather matter-of-factly, that she knows it's awful to unload on them but that people must do it all the time, what with doctor-patient confidentiality. Lexie tries to stay calm as she stutters that that only applies to medicine, but Eleanor has an edge to her voice as she orders that no, they are required to keep her secrets. April finally finds her voice to correct that no, that actually would be lawyers.

Jackson starts to change in the locker room and has just pulled off his top (helloooooo!) when Teddy walks in looking for him. When she turns to leave he decides to use every chiseled inch of what God gave him for his cause, and he smoothly tells her to stay, what does she need? I'm not complaining, but at the same time it wasn't that long ago that he was complaining about being a pretty face and told his tale of having worked harder than everyone else to prove his worth was in his brain, not just his abs. Though my, those are some worthy abs. But this little move of his is all Teddy needed, and she tells him that she wasn't sure if she was making stuff up but now she knows. She walks up to him and he puts on his Concerned Face, which quickly turns to Confused Face when she names a procedure she's doing tomorrow and orders him to tell her how she should start. He regains his composure enough to stutter an answer and she keeps shooting questions at him about the procedure, rapid-fire, until he's given her a lot and she cuts him off. She says she's relieved that he's more than the pretty face he makes himself out to be, and then reminds him that he knocked over a tray in the OR and has awful handwriting, but neither of those are fireable offenses. Trying to flirt his way into the OR, however, very much is, and she could in fact have him fired this second. While a moment before he'd made sure he was standing quite close to her so she could admire his glory, he now starts to seem uncomfortable and abashed. She tells him she won't report him this time, but orders him to put his shirt back on and get back to work. After she storms out he's suitably chastised, but also pissed. At himself, or because a lady didn't crumble under his charm offensive? We'll never know.

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