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"Our DNA doesn't count for all of us, though. We're human. Life changes us." Duh, Meredith. Callie is happily shaking hands with Jake and his parents, as they just outsmarted his biology to help him keep his leg. Arizona is gazing at her from the hall when Alex comes up, and after he gives her some test results he adds that Mark risked his own life to save Alex when Alex was sleeping with the girl he loved. "That's not a guy without a soul." He adds that maybe he is an ass who stares at boobs, but whatever. Arizona's face goes from thoughtful to grossed out, and it only gets worse as Alex warns her that she might not like the staring, but that's what men DO, and that even he does it because she's got nice boobs. May this be the last we hear on that subject -- I feel like this storyline has been even more high school than usual.

"We develop new traits. Become less territorial." Eleanor is spending her last few non-handcuffed moments telling the cops what happened while April and Lexie watch from a distance, and Mere comes in and joins them to gossip about reckless-driver-turned-psycho-killer. When April thanks goodness that her plan to kill her husband failed, Lexie actually still stands up for the woman, pointing out that she was heartbroken from her husband leaving her for a younger model. Mere's surprised, but Lexie thankfully cuts her off and blurts out the real problem -- that she's been a bitch all day to April (yes) because of Meredith. Wait, what? I get that it was rude to flaunt that they had a secret, but Lexie really is Ms. Oversensitive these days. April gets nervous and tries to leave but Lexie tells her to stay, and then proceeds to yell at Meredith about how she gave April Izzie's room and will talk to her about her doctor's appointments, all while Lexie went crazy, Alex left her and Mark slept with Amy, claiming that's why she's now relating to crazy Eleanor.

Meredith dismisses a grateful April, and then finally tells Lexie about the miscarriage and how April was there when it happened and that's why she knows. Lexie drops her head, already sorry, but Mere goes on that she knew Mark slept with Amy but that she also never has any idea of what is going on between him and Lexie, so she didn't think Lexie cared, and then finally tells her sister that she sat by her bedside for 36 hours while she slept in the psych ward, so she is very much not alone. Lexie starts to cry as Mere tells her with a smile that she's not crazy, she's great, and I sincerely hope that it sticks because I like Lexie but her complex about having been committed was getting a little out of control.

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