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A Can of Worms

"The risk, of course, is that we change too much, to the point we don't recognize ourselves." Owen walks up some stairs that turn out to be the ones in the old fire house, and Cristina is waiting and jumps up when she sees him, shouting, "Welcome home!" while trying to pour the champers into two plastic cups. She tells him that she bought the place that day -- they're now home. It's a little bit forced but she's obviously trying really hard, which is awesome. Owen is definitely overwhelmed and just stares at her while Mere's VO continues: "Finding our way back can be difficult. There's no compass, no map." Owen finally admits he doesn't know what to say and Cristina points out, "Our house has a fire pole in it. What else is there to say?" I keep wondering where the fire pole goes, since from the outside it looked like there were stores built into the ground floor of this building, but I'm going to figure it's their garage or entryway and stop strangely obsessing about that point like I have since I first saw this on a week ago. Owen is still rather confused, especially given her compete apathy that morning, so Cristina explains that she honestly doesn't care where they live but he really does, and he loves this place, "And I love you." My heart is as warmed as freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies and obviously so is Owen, who grabs Cristina into a passionate kiss as Mere wraps up: "We just have to close our eyes, take a step, and hope to God we'll get there."

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