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April and Lexie are going over Eleanor's results -- everything is negative so Lexie suggests another test, but when April asks if she's sure Lexie gets totally defensive and says she is, but April outranks her, so... seriously, this Lexie with a martyr complex from her stay in the psych ward is a giant pain in the ass. April's confused and agrees to do the test, then changes the topic to more domestic issues, and asks what Lexie thinks about a chore wheel? Lexie is steamed at the idea that April might be moving in permanently and April suddenly worries that it's not okay and asks if she should talk to Meredith. Well, yes, she should, and she also should know that already, but Lexie is totally just being a jerk at this point. She says it's up to April if she talks to Mere or not, but warns her that she will hate the idea of a chore wheel.

On cue, Meredith walks up and asks about their reckless driver, and Lexie jumps to the woman's defense before April plows ahead to ask her about the housing sitch. Mere asks if this is about Izzie's room and April gets even more confused while Lexie tries to cut that subject short, and instead brings up the chore wheel -- which of course Meredith thinks is a great idea. April then asks Meredith how things went that morning, and Lexie immediately wants to know what's going on. I have to think that was a little bit of April getting back in a subtle (some might say passive-aggressive) manner because she obviously knew it was a private subject and should have waited until she and Meredith were actually alone to question her. It seems quite like she was just trying to rub it in but on the other hand, after Lexie's treatment, I can't really blame her. When Meredith leaves, Lexie wants to know what's up but an uncomfortable April tells her to ask her sister directly.

Alex is in with Jake while the lady doctors meet with his parents outside, and Jake of course wants to know what's going on. When Alex tells him he should wait for his parents he of course guesses that the chemo failed and they want to amputate his leg. Alex immediately tries to tell him about the amazing things that they can do with prosthetics, but Jake yells at Alex that he doesn't understand that he needs his leg. A soulful guitar starts up as Jake says he can't explain it, but he'll show Alex what he means if they will let him.

As a male singer starts warbling on the soundtrack, we see Jake stretching out while the doctors and his parents watch, and then he starts doing some beautiful contemporary ballet. He's totally joyful as he dances and his parents have tears in their eyes; when he finishes his dad can't contain himself and asks, "You see that? That's my boy!" Jake just looks at them calmly and tells them to build him a leg that will let him do that, while the dumbfounded doctors stare back at him. Clearly they have not spent their summers watching So You Think You Can Dance like the rest of us, to know these crazy fluid ways in which the human body can move.

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