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A Can of Worms

April, who not two weeks ago was bugging the crap out of Meredith, is now so chummy that she's eating lunch with Mere and Cristina in the basement, and tells Mere that she'll research treatments for her angry ladyparts. They're acting all sorts of chummy when Lexie walks up and when she asks what's going on, Mere tries to claim that it's nothing. Lexie isn't the Lexiepedia for nothing, though, and she guesses that this has to do with wherever Mere went that morning, which Meredith tries to claim was the dentist. When they all giggle conspiratorially at that, Lexie angrily asks what that is code for, and Meredith tells her lightly about her "baby-squishing fibroids." Lexie is chastised and thinks it's awful but Mere brushes it off, and the boys walk up in time to save Mere from a tantrum as Lexie realizes that April knew about all this already. Alex teases Jackson for Teddy thinking he's a "hot piece of brainless ass" but Jackson claims the situation is under control. Alex then asks Lexie for bone cancer treatments but Lexie indignantly asks if her memory is all she's good for, which gives April a chance to tell Alex about a recent story in the news about a possible treatment. Alex happily gives April his fries as a reward, while Lexie's jealousy-fueled continues to burn ever brighter.

Cristina walks in to Owen's surgery, answering a page, and is totally put out when she realizes that he called her in to talk real estate. A flash of panic crosses Owen's eyes and he tries to tell her he also thought she might want to see this surgery on an awesomely bad crush injury, but she can smell his desperation and tells him, "Thank you, but I have to monitor worms."

Alex, Cristina and Arizona are all doing research on ways to save Jake's leg, but it quickly dissolves into an argument between Arizona and Callie about Arizona's not liking Mark. Arizona does a lot of indignant huffing while an annoyed Alex tries to concentrate on his research since they won't let him leave while they duke it out. Arizona claims it's not that she doesn't like him, but with Mark, "What you see is what you get." What does that even mean? She claims it doesn't matter anyway because Callie likes him, and mercifully this is cut off when Alex jumps out of his chair with excitement at finding a treatment that won't involve cutting off Jake's leg

Cristina is looking at Ivan's test results and clearly the tube hasn't worked, since she tells the nurse to book an OR. He begs her for more time and when she doesn't give it to him (on account of his perforated bowl) he asks if she can at least salvage the worms. She's mystified by all this and tells him his life is at risk because of research that's clearly not working out because otherwise he'd have backing from some accredited institute. She tells him, straightforward, to let the worms go, but he grabs her arm and tells her he worked at those institutes and was dead inside, but realized what he was meant to do with is life is this research. He goes on to say that everything else -- his quirks, people finding him strange -- doesn't matter because he knows who he is. He begs her to save the worms and she's clearly a bit affected, what with all of her own soul-searching, not-knowing-herself problems of late, but after a second she brushes off his hand and gets back to the business of prepping him for surgery.

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