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Callie explains to Jake and his parents how they will take out the cancerous portion of his bone, treat it with high doses of radiation for 30 minutes, and then put it back in. His mom asks if the cancer will come back and Callie admits that amputation is the less risky option, but that if they do this they will monitor him closely, and if the cancer returns they will then do the amputation. I was about to throw out, what does he have to lose? Then I realized, well, his life, I suppose, if the cancer spreads, but honestly it seems like a decent solution to try out, at least. When his mom asks if this is done a lot they have to admit that it's only ever been done a few times in the world. They talk about the risks, and finally Jake asks Alex what he would do -- I know they bonded when Alex arranged his dance, but it comes a little bit out of left field. Regardless, it's a sweet moment and it gives Alex a chance to be something other than the complete jackass he's been of late. He tries to tell Jake it's their decision but Jake presses, and Alex admits that if this were his arm and he couldn't do surgery, he would do anything he could to keep it.

April and Lexie get Eleanor's latest round of tests back, and everything is normal. Eleanor knows this isn't necessarily a good thing, as it gives no reason as to why she'd black out and plow a vehicle into a laundromat. She can see the cops waiting to take her statement, and though Lexie tries to explain it away she frets about going to jail. After a moment, Lexie tells her there is one other test they can do, which will tell them if she fainted before or after the accident.

Out in the hall April asks if she got approval for the test, and actually does try to pull rank to stop it, but Lexie puts on her high-and-mighty pants and snipes that there isn't a chore wheel at work, and if she wants to run the test she'll do it. Unfortunately for her it carries a little less weight than it might, her cutting off April's orders, as she was the one who gave April the idea of pulling rank in the first place. But she's so infuriated with April she can't see anything except trying to prove herself somehow right.

Teddy is working away on Lila and they all discuss what they would do if they were in her shoes -- Teddy would throw a giant, all-expenses-paid party somewhere for all of her friends, and wouldn't care a whit about maxing out all of her credit cards to do it, while Mere would sell off all of her belongings and travel the globe, with Derek welcome to come alone if he wanted to. Jackson obviously still feels like the second-class citizen and needs some attention, so he tells them that there's something sad about the idea of just wandering around and living in hotels. He puts on his most soulful, seductive voice as he continues, "This, though... even if I was going to die tomorrow, I'd still want to do it." He's laying it on way too thick, and doesn't realize his desperation is palpable, because he's too busy trying to seduce Teddy with his eyes over his surgical mask. She looks right at him but drops her gaze, and he goes in for the kill, asking in his bedroom voice if he could try doing the repair himself. Teddy is caught unawares, while Meredith just watches this unfold in disbelief, but after a moment Teddy snaps back to the present and stutters that she's fine before doing it herself, thwarting his plan. She seems rather flustered, but that said, she still didn't give him what he wanted, so he's confused.

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