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Meredith and Derek are getting hot and heavy in bed one morning as Meredith tells us that you have to have good instincts and confidence to do surgery. My guess is that we're about to learn that you also need those things for life in general. Mere suddenly pushes Derek away like his lips are on fire and tells him that Zola's up. Derek's lips aren't on fire but his loins are, and since they didn't hear anything he wants to get back to business. Mere insists that she just knows, so Derek opens the door and is shocked to see a delighted-looking Zola on the other side. Mere grins about her Mommy ESP as Derek chases Zola.

At their apartment, Callie is holding flashcards and giving a really stilted speech about cartilage. As someone who loathes public speaking I like that they haven't made her magically over her fear as the years go on. Arizona tries to get her to relax, but Callie is freaking out that she's giving a speech at the TED Conference in 48 hours. Seriously, is this show sponsored by TED now? I know it's supposed to be amazing but it's starting to feel a little weird after Jeff's raving about it a few weeks ago and now this. Arizona tells Callie to picture the audience members naked and then when that doesn't work, starts taking her clothes off to distract Callie for a little while. That does work, and Callie forgets about practicing her speech altogether in favor of some nookie.

Everyone in Seattle is having a little horizontal fun before work -- Cristina falls off of Owen and they giddily wish each other good morning. Owen gets a page and remarks that a gas tanker crashed into an SUV and there are a lot of traumas coming in. He turns to tell Cristina that they should go in to work but she's already up and half dressed.

Stephanie is giddy at the idea of mass injuries and goes up to Alex to ask him what he knows. Alex is grouchy when he realizes he's got Stephanie on his service instead of Princess, who is with Mere. Alex then sees Princess through a window, sucking face with Big-Armed Jason. He oh so subtly pounds on the window and orders her to check her pager. Are we supposed to think that she has no idea he has a crush on her? I think so, but Alex is making things so obvious (and everyone else in the hospital can tell) that it seems a little weird that she's just all chipper and seemingly oblivious to the situation, thinking he's just mad because she's no longer his nightly drinking buddy.

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