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Casey is having a cry in the hall when Mere walks up and shows her the echocardiogram which shows that Parker does have fluid around his heart, but the IV will totally fix it and he just will need one more echo in six months. She then holds up the wrinkled receipt on which Casey had written her notes and says that Parker did in fact have Kawasaki disease, and Casey helped diagnose it. Casey is overjoyed as she cries, and Mere beams as she tells Casey proudly that she fought for her son and actually saved his life. Casey sobs with relief. After this episode I was looking online and found out that in fact, this storyline was super personal to Sarah Chalke as it was basically her own story -- when her son was one year old he turned out to have Kawasaki Disease but it also was only diagnosed at the very last moment. So it's no wonder she did so well playing the desperate, terrified mother since this is totally something she went through herself. Fortunately, they caught it just in time and her son is now fine.

Smash is monitoring Rachel after her surgery and when Derek comes in Smash excitedly reports on the patient's and promises that he'll be back first thing in the morning to prep for their next surgery. But Derek has had a change of heart and tells him that Hunt was right, they should mix things up, so he's going to work with Heather for the rest of the week. Smash is totally disappointed but tries to control himself as Derek cheerfully says he'll see him when it's his turn again.

As Callie's day winds to a close she just wants to go curl up at home but Arizona ushers her into a conference room where she sees a video camera set up. Richard made a call, and she's going to be giving her TED speech live via video stream in just a few seconds. Callie panics but Arizona hands her her notecards and assures her that she already knows it by heart, and it's a great speech. Richard drops her in the chair, and all of a sudden we can hear her being introduced. She's really nervous and for a moment it looks like she's going to freeze but then she puts down her cards and begins talking about how rough her last year had been, and how it had gotten her thinking about what holds people together when things fall apart. JUST LIKE CARTILAGE. Ohhh boy. But as cheesy as this is, it seems to be perfect given Richard and Arizona's reactions.

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