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April finally goes to see Matthew, and apologizes to him for not coming earlier. She's still pretty distraught, and Matthew is the only one who doesn't realize that she's having some Deep Thoughts about relationships right now, that could eventually directly affect their relationship. April quietly tells him that her patient died, and then asks him if he believes that God plans for two people to be together. He does. She still can't fathom why He would bring two people together and then pull them apart. The whole time, she hasn't been able to look at Matthew, but when she does he smiles at her and tells her that he knows today scared her but he's here, and he's fine. She seems just the tiniest bit confused, as if she didn't realize he'd assume she was talking about them. He promises her he's not going anywhere, "And... I love you too." I think he's supposed to come off as sweet but it somehow has just a twinge of a patronizing tone to it. April is shocked, but manages a wee bit of a smile.

Owen joins Cristina outside of Paul's room and admits that he talked to Jeff, and Jeff agreed with Cristina's course of action even though Owen suspects it might be because he's afraid of her. Cristina just asks him what on earth is going on, because she realizes that he's ridiculously overinvested in the case. When Owen mentions that Paul has a son (who Cristina saw earlier, so she already knows this) Cristina cuts him off to exclaim that gosh, if she'd known that, she'd actually tried to SAVE his life! She reminds Owen that she actually does always do what she thinks is best for a patient, while Owen sadly admits he just really wants Ethan to see his dad again. They lean in and cuddle up to one another as a sign starts flashing behind them that reads, "UNRESOLVED CHILD-WANTING AHEAD!" She gets ready to go but he tells her he has some things to finish up first. Appropriately, Mere starts to VO about little nagging feelings that won't go away.

Jackson is deep in thought at Joe's, probably about a certain someone that isn't Stephanie, when Stephanie excitedly bounds up to him and thanks him for not being a douche [like Alex]. The douche himself then sits down, pissed that Princess is probably off with Jason. Heather is also having a drink at the bar when Smash walks in and right up to her. She says hello but he just furrows his brow to try and make his best Angry Face and warns her that he gets the game she is playing, and he's not going to let her take neuro away from him. Yes, because it's not like two interns could decide on the same specialty, or anything. Heather seems genuinely confused but when she tries to point out that she's not personally gunning for him, he cuts her off.

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