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Owen then takes Ethan to see his mom, who is still sleeping. I guess we are assuming that Derek and Co. fixed her up and she really will remember him later. Owen assures Ethan that she has awesome docs taking care of her, and that he can see her tomorrow after he actually goes and gets some sleep. The two of them again start talking about soccer as they walk down the hall.

When Mere walks in to see Parker and Casey, it's obvious that the IV worked as Parker is up and drawing pictures for his mom. Casey gives her a huge smile and mouths, "Thank you."

This experience has taught Mere something, and she picks up Zola and goes to see Bailey in her genome lab. She points out that she doesn't know anything about Zola's genetics and she wants to be able to fight for her daughter if need be, so she wants Bailey to map her. In addition, she needs to know if she's going to get Alzheimer's, so she wants Bailey to map her, too. The thought makes Bailey sad but as this is the first meaningful request she's gotten from one of the other doctors, presumably she agrees to do it and we'll likely find out Mere's fate next week.

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