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Princess gowns up and chases after Stephanie but once in the OR she runs into a woman, Casey, who is back in the ER with her son Parker. Princess was their doctor the week before and Casey is frantic because Parker still has a spiking fever and now a large rash on his torso. Princess tries to convince her that a 5-day fever isn't super unusual while she glances longingly at the gathering of docs waiting for tanker injuries. Casey pulls out some notes she made from online research, asking about the possibility of various diseases and tells Princess that she just has a gut feeling that this isn't a normal virus. Princess does the right thing and goes to get Parker's chart instead of joining the others.

Owen runs into Derek and seems surprised to see him there, because why would a neurosurgeon be needed after a giant accident with potentially lots of traumas? Derek is all excited, asking if the tanker blew, and Owen tells him, exasperated, that it didn't blow. This happens a few more times with a few more docs as they all walk towards the ER, and I have no idea why it seems to be such a big point in the scene except to make us all super, totally, positively sure there was no explosion so that we are oh-so-surprised later. Owen is also pissed to see that Smash is with Derek again and reminds them that he sent out a memo saying the attendings can't have favorites and need to rotate all of the interns. Derek just pooh-poohs this. Bailey and Richard have joined them on their way to the ER and while they walk, Richard asks Bailey if she can genome map him. Like Owen last week with his beloved LODOX, Bailey points out that genome mapping isn't something they just do for fun.

The ambulances then start to arrive and when the paramedics open the door to the first one the docs all choke and wave at the air from the massive gasoline fumes since the patient inside is soaked in gas. Owen hollers a reminder that there is to be no open flame, smoking, or anything else that could possibly make a spark. The ER doesn't need to go up in a fireball just after they got so much fancy new technology, after all.

The next patient is a woman named Rachel who is more worried about her son Ethan than she is about herself. Her husband Paul is unloaded from the next ambulance, also yelling for his son. Cristina escorts him inside as Ethan himself is pulled from the next ambulance. The kid is totally freaked out but overall seems to just have a minor wrist scrape. Owen assures him that his parents are alive and inside, and promises that he'll look after him.

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