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We then see a shot of a giant black cloud over a crowded highway so I guess the tanker must have blown simultaneously with Dumbass lighting himself on fire. The docs run him back inside on a stretcher, covered in bandages, and Jackson escorts him to the burn unit. Owen calls out that more patients are now coming in and (duh) it's going to be a long day.

April gets the next patient, a woman named Elyse who is 37 weeks pregnant and really not doing that well. She begs April to save her baby above all else, but April suggests that she save both of them. Elyse agrees that this would be best, then asks April to call her husband as they take her for treatment.

Ethan is now hanging out in a seating area and seems awfully nervous when Owen goes and checks on him.

His mom is having her CT scan and she's as nervous about Ethan but Derek promises they'll have an update on him soon. Smash comes in and reports on Ethan and Paul just as Rachel's scans come up and show that she's got a brain hemorrhage. Heather comes to the door and chirps about how cool it is; she's met with two withering stares from the boys. When asked what she's doing, she reports that Hunt decided she needed neuro experience so he sent her up to work with them that day. Smash is really picking up on Derek's mannerisms nicely after becoming his favorite and the two have matching skeptical faces at the idea of working with her.

As April works on Elyse she takes a turn for the worse and it's clear the baby is in distress. They roll her on her side to check something and from another bedside Alex notices that she's bleeding and runs over to help. The baby's umbilical cord is trapped and Alex tells Elyse urgently that they have to keep the cord inside her which is going to require him putting his hand in there. And it's going to hurt. A lot. April makes Elyse hold her hand and as Alex makes a move, she lets out an unholy scream. He then yells for OB as they start to move her to the OR to deliver the baby, and April keeps assuring her that they are going to take care of both of them.

After they take Elyse away, April turns around and sees a very crispy Hot Paramedic Matthew on a gurney of his own. Nicole is there with him and is berating him for being a hero and running towards the explosion to shield a kid with his own body. She's clearly scared and her way of dealing with it is to nag him and finally give him a worried smack for his recklessness. He's got burns up and down one leg and arm but insists that April go see other patients that are worse than him. Jackson notices what's going on and promises to take care of Matthew, so April begs her boyfriend not to do something crazy like go into shock and die. She then gives him a kiss and runs off. Jackson still seems mildly uncomfortable witnessing any kissing between those two.

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